Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sweet 16

Yep, the Patriots pulled another win, their last of the regular season, out of the cap! Yep, I wore my cap all through the game. (Thanks, TBD!)  This one was broadcast nationally for all of us Pat fans to watch while the Pats ended a perfect season, 16-0. I passed out on Nyquill for awhile, but woke to watch Tom Brady and Randy Moss do what they do best....  38-35 was almost to close for me. 

Let's go to the Super Bowl! 

The soldier and his wedding ring

The soldier was wearing two wedding rings. He took them both off. One was newer, meant as a replacement at some point. The one he received many years ago at his wedding is worn thin from years of constant wear.

He looked me in the eye, holding up the older, thinner ring, and said, "This ring saved my life."

Me: "That thin ring saved your life?" (Always doubtful.... I should have been from Missouri, the 'show me' state)

Yep.... Turns out, he was scheduled to go on patrol one night. Another soldier, not married, was looking at his ring and said, "Louis, you're the only married man in this platoon. I'm going on patrol for you tonight." He never came back... breathing, that is. He was killed that night.

This soldier was in WWII in the Pacific. The soldier with the wedding ring is in his late 80's and is the father of a very good friend. This was the story he told on Christmas morning.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Here it is, Christmas Eve. This is the day kids all over wait for all year long. What will Santa leave this year?? Or does he only remember the trouble caused the last time visitors were at the house??  It is so difficult being good, isn't it? I still have that problem at 48 years old...... 

The first annual Christmas cook-off went off without much of a hitch. Daddy's girlfriend couldn't come and he was disappointed about that. They have plans for Christmas Day and he's looking forward to that. However, he did mention other night that Mom would be gone 9 months on Christmas Day. I know, I said. We both sat there and  tried not to bawl like big ole babies.  (You must read that with a southern accent. I'll wait while you go back and read it again.)

Oh yeah, back to the Christmas dinner. Sister came  over from Atlanta and Daddy came over from Huntsville. I even decorated this year. It's the first time in absolutely years I have pulled out ornaments and stuff. However, I did buy a purple tree (complete with lights) after the holiday season last year ($1.60 after all the markdowns) and looked forward to seeing it lit up. Nice. I put out the snowman collection and added a couple of new pieces. One was from an aide in my room, the other, an Auburn Tiger football with a snowman head that blinks. I sent one to my secret Santa ornament person. And speaking of the secret Santa exchange, I got 3 snowflake tealights and an apple spoonrest. My 'Santa' is from New York. So beautiful! I put tealights right in them and put them on the coffee table.

I'm headed over to Bo's house after awhile to spend the night and then, we are headed over to his parents house for Christmas breakfast. We had planned on driving down to Orange Beach for a few days, but it didn't work out this year. After breakfast, I'm headed up to McMinnville to see cousin for a couple of days. We are going to have the traditional Christmas dinner at the Chinese restaurant. (actually, it's the only restaurant open tomorrow night!) Does make you think of the 'Christmas Story' movie, doesn't it??!!???

I hope you all have a warm and snuggly Christmas!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

And the high today was...

this morning. The temps have been dropping all day and now, here in my dot on the map it's 55 with the temps still dropping. They are also predicting we might get some snow this Saturday night. Where else in the world would it be 77 one day and a few days later, get snow??  It's weird. I like it colder this time of year. It's wacky weather!

Dad is on his way out to get me for dinner since his girlfriend is sick tonight. It's always good to see him, but he sounded kinda down. He is doing his best to keep going. It must be really hard for him during this time of the year. 

School is almost over for the first semester. It has flown by!! We must be having to much fun for it to be passing this quickly. Perhaps, I need to re-analyze everything? Perhaps, it's best this way....

With time passing quickly, it is bringing the holidays closer and closer. Next weekend, Dad, maybe his girlfriend, Sister and maybe a couple of other people will be here for the 1st Annual Jackie's Christmas Dinner Cookoff. Check with me on Sunday to see who has checked into the hospital. Will be mighty interesting! Let me know if you want to take a chance.... 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's December on the calendar, but...

here in north Alabama it was a record-breaking 77 degrees yesterday. Pull out the sweat-o-meter! I'm just glad I've not put up the summer clothes since I've had to pull from that rack!

I have been getting ready for the end of the semester at school by trying to get in all the areas I seem to have over-looked, etc. Our kids last day is next Tuesday. We have to get in the important parts too, like the Christmas Party. I've tried to talk a friend into dressing up like Santa, but he said his HO HO HO's are not up to Santa standard. I have to laugh at that one....

Happy hump day, everyone!! The weekend is coming up soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thank You

I got this link in my e-mail today and think it's a great idea for each of us to do.

What it is:  It's a way to send a 'Thank You' to our troops overseas via Xerox. The company will print it and send it at no cost to you. It only takes a couple of minutes. I have spent that long trying to remember why I had walked into a room.

No matter how you feel about our troops being overseas or the job they are doing, lets boost their mail bag!! You just never know who needs a little extra attention or to feel appreicated!

Let's Say Thanks

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Question for the Readers

Rarely do I watch Oprah for any number of reasons, but today the moon and stars must have been lined up in just the correct "Watch Oprah" order. That brings me to my question.

A woman named Elizabeth Gilbert was on the show today. She wrote a book by the name of "Eat, Pray, Love".  My question is, has anyone read it? and if you have, another question is, what is your opinion?   

There were so many women and even a man or two that seemed to 'testify' that this book has changed their life for the better. I have to say, I don't feel that I am missing very much and when I begin to feel that way, I think I have a few ideas about how to 'fix' things. However, I say that but also know if there is something out there that is eye-opening and wonderful, I don't want to miss an all new fix in a book!


Monday, November 26, 2007


I've had a lot of questions about the forefinger from readers who are not from this area.

Last year was the thumb year, meaning Auburn had 5 wins over Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  Hold up one hand with 4 fingers showing.... what's missing?? The Thumb!

Now hold up the other hand along with the first hand. Show 1 finger. Which finger is it? FOREFINGER!! Meaning 6 wins over Alabama!

This year was a really great game with Auburn winning 17-10!

Last week at school before we let out for the Thanksgiving holiday, co-teacher and I had the students claim their team (Alabama or Auburn) along with their prediction of the outcome. We had all kinds of predicted scores including one that was 1001-100. However we did have ONE student hit on the correct winner and score. It was our ELL student, Jose*!

*Name changed to protect the innocent!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

For All My Alabama Friends


Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After...

I went to Cousin's house for Thanksgiving and I'm still here. There were a bunch of cousins that came over, plus Sister and her hubby up from Atlanta, and Daddy came up as well. It was a day that was filled with love, fun and fantastic food! I really have to say, there were a couple of times I expected to turn around and see my Mom.

I've not written much about missing Mom, but I sure have these last eight months. More than I ever knew I would. I've also learned a lot about what made her tick. A lot more. Missing pieces and the answers of so many questions I never knew I had have been answered. I only wonder how many more answers I'll find without knowing the questions. It is like getting to know the real inner person she would not (or could not?) share with me. Same with my Dad. Except Dad as a different type of adult.

Deep subject.  Life is different.

I'm headed home tomorrow and expect to get back in time to watch that ol Bama favorite, the Iron Bowl. Yep, Meg knows what I'm talking about. The football game that most Alabama natives watch, even if they don't watch another game of the year. Auburn, Alabama.   Vote in my poll.

Have a good Saturday, everyone. Let me know if you need any ideas about my Christmas gift you'll be shopping for sometime the next few weeks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I hope everyone has a warm, loving and safe holiday! Oh yeah, don't forget to have some fun!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Expectations Unlimited!

Today was our annual Invention Convention. This is where the kids are given an assignment to create something. Anything. We had 9 out of 22 kids participate. Not bad odds since it was better than last year. The winner was a CD Tower made out of a bed post. This same kid won first prize last year as well for a Wheelchair Keyboard Holder. His ideas are original and creative, but to look at him you would never expect it. Also, in addition to the CD tower, he made a poster of perimeters and greater than, less than!! I was so tickled because that is one of the things we have to cover according to the State Dept as it is passed down from our Federal Gov. thanks to No Child Left Behind where we will leave many behind.

Ooooppps... did I type that out loud??  Oh well, they know it.

Oh yeah, back to the inventions. We had a poster that showed prom fashions then (1987 & 1997) compared to now (2007). Another poster showed characters from 'Smallville' and another is one of the girl's favorite country music singers. We had a family tree, complete with pictures, and one girl made a scrapbook of her dogs from newborn until now. One boy made a couple of drawings of space crafts that will travel at mach speed.

Each kid had to give a presentation to explain their invention. I was very proud of each and every one of them! This just shows we should never underestimate even those we think of as mentally challenged. It never fails that they will always surprise you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An invitation... of the aged...

Well, it's official. I thought the nice people would at least wait until the big 5-0 hit. Nope, it's here, 17 months early.

"What", you might be asking yourself, "are you talking about?"

Birthday card? nope  Lottery? nope.....

An invitation to join AARP!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life's Little Offbeat Tricks

I'm sure most of you have heard the saying, "He/She got up on the wrong side of the bed." It seems there are times this applies to me. Unfortuately, there are times I don't even realize this... until something happens and it occurs to me that I have been a royal bitch, a real pain the in the backside of many people. I can go back and pinpoint certain times that I have had moments of not being to nice and  not even realized. This week. It's been happening this week. I have been the president of 'Bitches 'R' Us'. I realized it other day. I hate it when I get like this. I've been like this a lot this school year.   


This three day weekend got here just in time. 

My goal this coming week? To be a nicer bitch.  

 You Rock  Yes  Great  Thumbs Up  Well Done  Clapping Hands Bravo

Midnight at the oasis...after a morning with Boston!

It's not even 6:30 PM but feels like midnight. I might have wondered where the day went if I had not gotten up early and drove down to Cullman for a few hours. Of course, that was this morning. And a beautiful day it was around here! The temperture was just perfect with the sun shining in. A Boston CD with the windows down, driving as fast as I dared on the old country road. Yes, a silly, pre-pubescent thing to do... but still fun! Some things just never change....

Speaking of Boston, one of the best concerts I ever attended in the late 70's! Lots of 'smoke' and packed to the max! I found this little piece of a flash of the past...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blue Bags and Full Speed Ahead!

I can not imagine what the world is coming to when I can find about 40 different styles of pink camouflage purses, but yet, nary a nice navy leather purse. Cousin seems to be finding the same problem with navy shoes. It seems unreal considering the use of blue jeans has not declined. Looking at the time of this post, you might think I am loosing sleep over it, but I'm not. Nor am I in extreme need of a new purse.

Remember the post about my former student that went to China for the International Special Olympics? He is back (ok, he's been back... I've just not posted!!) He did VERY well in his races in the track & field bringing home 2 silver and 1 bronze!! He entered three races and won a metal in all three! WTG, Cody!! He stopped by school this week and told us about some of the things he saw. I asked him if he wanted to go back to China to visit. He answered with a quick, "NO!" but added he was glad he had the chance to go.  We are so very proud of him at school! He certainly is a different person than he was 4 years ago when I first met him.

Thanks to all that have clicked on the link to my previous link. Last night the reality of breast cancer came rushing to me unexpectedly. Sister's sister-in-law had to have a mastectomy yesterday. I certainly hope she fully recovers and soon. She is only in her very early 40's and her husband have 3 young children.

This morning's news includes more recalls for toys made in China containing lead as well as a warning about Aqua-Dots that chemically changes into that of a similar to a date rape drug. Makes you want to go hhhhhmmmmm....  Seems to becoming a pattern.... Those homemade rag dolls are beginning to look pretty good, aren't they?

We have Veteran's Day coming up. No matter how you have ever felt about any of the wars going on now or in the past, we need to send the love and thanks to those who put their lives on the line (or died in the line) of duty.  (((((HUG A VET)))))   I plan on doing it in person this weekend. My dad was inthe Korean 'conflict', one of my friend's dad was in WWII (and has a purple heart!) and Chuck who does 'Dribble' journal, And Mary's father (Just Mary). Cousin's hubby is Viet Nam vet, as well as many of you, including The Dog, and JimS (Jimmy's Journal). Jimmy's nephew was killed in action in the ever current Iraq war. I am sure I have missed someone I read, but the brain isn't working that well yet.

Well, time to hit the showers and get to school. It is "Girl's Day" as the boys are going to an away volleyball game this morning. Sexist, you might say. No. The girls don't care anything about playing and we do 'girl' stuff while the guys are gone. Fun stuff. Did I ever post the picture of me after receiving a facial and make-up job from one of my girls? NO? And I won't!! LOL  Have a great Thursday!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Breast Cancer Prevention

Yep, another commercial. 

I have had a couple family members and friends die because of breast cancer. I've been lucky there have not been more.

Have you clicked today?

Click to Give @ The Breast Cancer Site

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall, Fell, Fallen

I got home from my trip this afternoon. It was a great trip, but always good to be home. We headed out on Sunday morning around 7:00 (a.m.)  to head up to Indiana. Cousin's grand kids didn't know we were coming, but we had it all arranged with cousin's daughter for the kids to answer the door. When they opened up, they just stood there staring at cousin. Grand-daughter told us later she was thinking, "That looks like my granny, but that can't be my granny. My granny is in Tennessee!" Grand-son stood there with mouth open, not believing it! Later, he wanted to know just "why" we were there. Kids, aren't they great?  Later that evening, we headed back to town to Cousin's sister to stay with her. As always, lots of giggling, eating and staying up late. Fun stuff!    

Sunday and Monday the temps were in the low 90's. Can you believe it? Record highs for there. Actually, I was looking forward to some cooler weather... geez. Tuesday was better, high 80's and yesterday morning, when we left was 42 degrees. It was really cool! Not complaining, just stating facts! 

We were expecting to see a lot of color along the highway considering the time of the year. It's been so dry and hot this year, there is very little anywhere. Indiana had very little and usually, this is about the right time of year for fall viewing.  Yesterday, while driving back to TN, a golden leaf got caught on the antenna of the car. I made a picture just in case we don't see any more color this year!  BTW Cousin, the picture came out rather well, don't you think?  Maple Leaf

Sunday when we were heading up, I asked Cousin if we could stop at the WigWamVilliage in Cave City, KY. The village is about 70 years old and they are still rented out. They were full when we stopped by. I think I might have to try it out sometime, just to say I've stayed in a wig-wam!

Needless to say, this was one of the best trips ever!  I think we all had a great time together and as always, it's great to see the kids again.

Color me somewhat rested!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Finally!! A Get-Away!

Finally, time away from the real world! It's fall break for me, so, Cousin and I came up to Indiana to see her daughter and family as well as her sister (cousin sister). I had wanted to come up during summer vacation, but this has not been a good year for fun stuff. (See most of 2007 entries, or at least, it seems as it's been the year from hell...)

It's fun to see cousin's grandkids in their normal routine. Most of the time I see them, they are on vacation down in TN. They are getting to an age where we can have real conversations.

Talk soon, must go be 2nd cousin or whatever the heck it is I am!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Special Olympics

Recently, one of my former students was selected to participate in the International Special Olympics in China. The team left the USA last week and are now in China. Here is the link for the pictures they have added. I saw my student in one of them. He better bring home the gold!

Photo Gallery :: Special Olympics Team USA

Thursday, September 27, 2007

And it's almost over....

The dreaded Thursday Parent-Teacher Conference Day 2007 has come to an end. I don't know why I dread it each year. So far, it has never been terrible. I think one of the reasons has been because of the full moon this week. I've certainly felt it...

Homecoming week/game: We are having 2 pep rallies tomorrow. One, because our school won the "Pep Rally of the Week" with one of the local television stations. The other is something traditional. We go up to the football field where the homecoming half-time show is practiced and the whole school can watch. Always a great way to end homecoming week.

And then.... the weekend.. aaaawww... yes...

The class was gathered together for a combined class. The other teacher was reviewing animal traits and species during science. He thought since our farm field trip is next week, he would discuss farm animals. After asking several students to verbally describe a few of the animals found on the farm, he asks another student for the description of a cow. With an air of disgust, the student replies, "Do I have to get on the floor?"  It took a few seconds for the teachers to regain control of themselves!    


And now, for your listening pleasure, something from my high school days.....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just another Monday in the land of Osmosis

Another week has begun....

              Thursday is Parent-Teacher Conference day.....

                             We are there until 5:30 on Thursday.........

                                                                                All of us.......

                              Homecoming week, toooooooooo.............

Just a thought for all you people with no kids that think parenting is easy:


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Everyday: An Adventure

I met Dad for dinner tonight. Usually, we meet on Fridays, but he has plans with his girlfriend. That's cool. By Friday afternoons, I am done, ka-put, tired, over it!

After dinner, I stopped by the dollar store to pick up batteries for the remote at school. While there, I see an employee rush back and whisper to another one. They both rush to the front.... then, I hear "Let me out!"  

OOooopppss, another shop-lifter caught. But wait... it gets better.

The manager won't let her leave. The shoplifter tells her daughter (who is in line) to leave with her. Daughter tells mom it's not her problem.    Ok. The daughter and the shoplifter talk. Daughter tells her take her stuff out, she's caught and going to jail. It just goes on and on.... 

Finally, a cop arrives.

Shoplifter says, "Oh Jason, it figures it's you!" 

The cop said, "I should have known you were involved!"

It must be nice to be on a first-name basis with your arresting officer. 


Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend has come and gone with the wind!

Sister came in from Atlanta Saturday morning. We went to Hartselle for 'Depot Days' for a day out. There were lots of venders, tractor and car shows. Saturday night, Sis, Dad and I went to 'Night of Bands' where the county bands come out to our school to show what they can do. Sister loves it because she was in the band in high school as well as her husband.... in fact, they met in band.  She understands all the hard work that goes into all the shows.

                                                      I'm so glad they are that talented, but then, so am I... I can play the radio and stereo as well as anyone and better than some!    

The last band to perform was UNA Pride of Dixie band. What a terrific sound they have!! If you have never heard a college band, you should give it a try.

We didn't do a lot today. She watched some of her 'Soaps' 

() while I got stuff ready for school this week. She left just after we had dinner.... It was a good visit!

OJ's back into the news. Surprised? No, me either. I'm rather interested in reading the book he wrote that was given to the Goldman family. I have wondered about his kids by Nicole and hope they are doing well. I hope their lives have not been as screwed up as I think they probably are. Sometimes, adults do some really dumb things that make kids lives miserable. Perhaps those adults checked their brain at the door.....

I found this YouTube entry of UNA's band from last year. I was going to post it as you normally would with a YouTube entry, but embedding has been disabled. Hopefully you can get to it through this: YouTube - '06 UNA Pride of Dixie Marching Band Part 1   Just a note, they sound much better in person!!

Toodles to all!!




Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Wedding Church - Part 2

Mother looked at both Cousin M and me, then motioned for us to leave with her. She poked dad on the arm, but he didn't pay any attention to her. Mother, Cousins M and A, Charlie and myself left. It was a relief to leave and get some fresh air. The incense had been overwhelming.

With all of us in tow, Mother went to the building next to the church we had just left. She was met by a woman of no distinct position and was then lead to another room. Curious, we followed closely behind. In the room, Mom walked up to a bulletin board, placed a name card with my dad's name on top of a business card with the name of the church we had just left. She then pierced both cards with a pin. With that, she was done.

Outside, we gathered into a small group. With questions filling our heads, the temptation to ask them was blocked by the desire to allow Mother to do the deeds she felt obligated to do. We trudged on to the next building and it was the same as before. After that, we went from building to building, Mother piercing only the business cards from the church with Dad's name card on top. It had almost a revengeful act with a sense of a voodoo twist to it. But, we knew enough to know better than to question her antics.

Afterward, we found a resting place under a tree. Mother seemed exhausted and glad for the rest. Mother then looked at all of us, but then focused on me. She explained to me she knew I was curious about her actions, but she needed to do those acts in order to protect my dad from becoming immersed in things that he had no understanding. She continued to tell me she knew at some point I would have the understanding I needed in order to continue. I just nodded in agreement and told her I have better understanding now than before. I hugged her and Charlie...... then they were gone....

The End

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Wedding Church

Cousin M and I went into the church and it was packed with people. As we looked around, I saw other cousin, Ta and her daughter, Tr off on the left side of the building. We couldn't get to them because of so many people. After we settled into a 'standing only' section, I began to really look at the people. Some of the guys were dressed in the typical Zorro outfit you see in the movies. WTF? Whatever make them happy, I guess. I began to look around. The church was large, with ceilings that were three or four stories tall. The traditional icons and gold fixtures were in place, typical of some type of Greek Orthodox churches.

Cousins Ta and Tr didn't see us. After all, Tr was getting married here tomorrow and all these people where here as a part of the pre-wedding ceremony. Cousin M and I tried to scan the audience for a glimpse of other family. Finally, we see them up on the right side of the church, just a few pews from the alter. We made our way over and forward. Thank goodness the ceremony had not started yet. It seemed as if we would never make it up to the front when suddenly, a priest came out and requested about six members of the audience make selections. What? Cousin M and I just looked at each other, both wondering, 'for what?' People were getting up and moving toward the center of the church, making it easier for us to navigate through. Suddenly, there was a huge tent in the center of the church with all the selected people standing underneath. There were men at each corner, holding the posts up while people made their way to the tent. The top of the tent had windows all around. I glanced back to watch where I was walking, then glanced back to look at the tent. The people were now up at the top of the tent, looking out the windows. Cousin M and I just looked at each other. No words were needed.

Cousin M and I made it to where the family was sitting. Cousin M's daughter, Cousin A was there, as well as, mom, dad and Charlie. They didn't say anything, but just looked at us with a rather painful look on their faces. I looked toward the alter and saw they had two displays. One was a tribute to 'Green Acres' with the head of Eva Gabor in a glass case (I was hoping it was just a wax head and not the real thing..) along with a few live chickens. The other display was a tribute to 'Gilligan's Island'. There were a few coconuts and some boat equipment there. All I knew was, we had to get out of there!

To be continued.....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It figures...

I should have known today was gonna go downhill when I posted the previous entry.It started the down spiral at 8:00 and ended when the door closed on the last kid there. What caused it?  School pictures! No kiddin'.They wanted our class down there ASAP. Their breakfast was delayed, their routine screwed up. Sometimes, you can yank it all back into a 'normal' day after lunch (which occurs at 10:30 am....  ), but that didn't happen either.

FYI, today is the anniversary of the first picture of the Earth taken by the Lunar Orbiter 1in 1966. As I reminded one online journaler friend, I was just a mere child in that year  .  However, growing up in the "Rocket City" these types of rememberances hit home. If I've never mentioned it, the Space&Rocket Center is a awe-inspiring trip. I drive by it when I go to my Dad's house. There is always a thrill of  seeing the Saturn 5 standing there as I pass by. Just a note here, I did get to see Miss Baker - , one of the first astronauts for the US. She passed away in 1984 and is buried there at the Space & Rocket Center. If you're ever this way, make sure you stop by there take the tour! Let me know if you're in the area!  

Have a great Friday!!

Just an observation...

When we were in elementary school, we all learned that 60 seconds makes a minute and 60 minutes makes an hour.

So why does 60 minutes in the morning seem like 10 or 15 minutes??  

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Convertibles, phones and other issues!

We had a cold front come through. Theweatherchannel site says it is 96. That's about 9 or so degrees cooler than the hottest day we have had in the past two weeks. Plus, we just had a summer shower. Summer showers are the best!

I bought a new toy this week. I call it my new convertible, but it is actually, a riding lawn mower. Sure beats push mowing, especially in the heat and with my issues that I still am enduring. It took me all of about 45 minutes to mow and I cut more than just my yard. It's just perfect!! Now, all I need is a 4-wheeler!!

My friend, Bo, came out to visit me today. He also brought me a gift. He said when he saw the phone, he didn't hesitate. He knew I would love it!! He also said the guy standing next to him said it looked like someone was talking into a cat's ass.  However, I have never seen a blue cat or their ass. The phone even lights up when it rings!!

Bo asked me if I would really use it. Of course, I said with conviction. And I will. Isn't it just pretty?  It looks like something one of the Disney princesses would use, doesn't it?  I didn't realize he thought of me as being this foo-foo....

Today's calendar events include, National Aviation Day, Bill Clinton's birthday (he's 61, if you were wondering), Orville Wright (he's 136, if you were wondering) and of course, Potato Day.  I have not yet decided how to celebrate Potato Day. However, I did see a fireworks stand a little earlier today.  Hhhmmmm..... I think this requires a little pondering... 

Perhaps, the video is all that is needed!



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No, I don't want cheese with that whine....

OK, I've thought about it today.

I was busy whinning this morning about the heat and dang, it was hot. But this afternoon, I was walking to the car thinking how wonderful it was going to be to get in the car, turn the A/C on and head home to my house that has an A/C, as well as ceiling fans. I walked into the house and it hit me. Here I am whinning about the heat and there are the soldiers in Iraq are carrying around 100 pds+ of equipment in heat worse than I experience.

And of course, there are the everyday cops. In fact, I read a cop's journal. He carries about 30+ pounds of equipment, as well as being in dark clothes. He lives in Arizona where temps hit 117 as early as April or May. I think there is about 5 minutes of temps below 80 degrees in the year. Yes, I'm sure I exaggerate. But not by much.

I will not whine about the heat any longer.... those guys really have it a lot worse than I do....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heat stroke, anyone?

The temp today is supposed to be 105. Who knows what the heat index will be. There have already been more than a few heat issues. And just how, exactly, does one dress for 105?  Not very well, let me assure you!!

(said in the most southern belle voice....)  As God is my witness, I will not bitch about winter ever again!!

This was not the calendar I voted for!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Left, Left, Left Right, Left!

A lot of my free time during the school season is spent online looking for items of interest for my classroom. We have curriculum standards to follow, but no curriculum... meaning, you might ask? It means I have to come up with it myself. This afternoon, I was looking at a calendar on an educational web site and found that tomorrow (August 13) is International Lefthanders Day.

You might ask why my interest? I am one of a small percentage of people. I am a lefty, a southpaw. I am one of the lucky ones. My mom didn't 'force' me to try to use my right hand. I have heard and read of horror stories about parents or teachers forcing their left-hander to use their right hand. Many lefties have to use tools made for right-handed people. I am also lucky because I am ambidextrous, you might say. A lot of tools, a hand-operated can opener, for instance, is made for a right handed person. However, I can use this tool without cutting off fingers,needing stitches, or wearing much of the canned contents. Of course, I try to avoid canned items as often as possible! Unfortunately, many left-handed people are not as fortunate.  Other problems for lefties, are school desks.  Just try taking notes in a desk made for right-hand people.

For a list of well-known lefties, Famous Left-Handers is here for your use.

And, even though many of us here in J-land 'know' each other, we don't really know each other. How many of you are lefties??  Leave a comment either way!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And Then, They Were There!

First day was not bad. I have had worse first days. After they left, I sat down with a few of my aides and I took 2 Aleve for my back aches. I took 2 extra pair of shoes and only changed once. I think that is a positive sign.

Now, for the second round! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1 DAY DOWN, 184 TO GO!! 

Working days before summer break, that is.....

Today was the first day back for teachers today. We always have 'Teacher Institute' day to welcome the teachers to the new school year. You might call it a 'kick-off'.... today's event was one of the best ones I've attended with a guest speaker from one of the local universities. His speech was filled with humorous stories that lead to points of how teachers can better serve their students. It was worth the sit.

The kids come on Monday. All 24 of them.  It's always fun the first day, yet exhausting. The kids can change so much in just nine or ten weeks. I love seeing a new level of maturity that first morning! I am lucky that I get the same kids each year until they graduate. We've already established our relationships, with the exception of the new kids coming in and only 2 of those this year!!  It's the first year since I've been teaching we are receiving fewer kids than we graduated the  year before.

As for me, I have survived day one. I am currently lying on the sofa with an iced gel pack on my surgical site after digesting two Aleve. I see more in my future.....  <grin>

Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes, I'm listening to the Bozo CD... I'm sure it's a hit with everyone...<grin>

OK, it's one of those kind of purchases you can't resist, after all, it was only $2.00... Besides, it has Tony Danza (singing 'A Couple of Clowns Like Us') and William Shatner (singing, "What is a Bozo?").  There are other hits such as "How Many Clowns Can You Cram in a Car?" and "Ballad of Bozo"!!

Ok... Charlie and I used to watch Bozo together in the mornings sometimes.... He would have loved this CD! 

Besides, you deserved a day with two entries... 

I got the following quote in an e-mail. Although timely, I had to stop and consider how appropriate it is at the present. I know war means deaths in the trenches, as I know there are all kinds of views on the Iraq war.  Think about how you might feel if it were someone you know...  ... just something I wanted to share...

"It doesn't require any particular bravery to stand on the floor of the Senate and urge our boys in Vietnam to fight harder, and if this war mushrooms into a major conflict and a hundred thousand young Americans are killed, it won't be U. S. Senators who die. It will be American soldiers who are too young to qualify for the senate."  G.M.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Television: Now and Then

I was reading a fellow J-land journal and began making comments that I eventually deleted because I thought the comments would make a rather better journal entry. I've been negligent in making journal entries this summer. When school was in, I remember thinking, 'I can't wait till summer!! I'll make entries almost every day!' Nope, didn't happen. 

The subject was remembering when Kennedy was shot. I remember watching the funeral on a neighbor's television because, at that time, we did not have one. I don't remember when Dad and Mom did finally get one. I do think it was shortly after that (You have to remember, I was a mere tot. <grin>)

At this point, you may be asking yourself whatever did we do with all our free time if we didn't have a television? My mom used to take me places such as the library and to the city park. I do remember going both of those places with her. I don't remember going any where with my father except to church on Sundays, and of course, Mother was with us as well. At that time, there were no stores open on Sunday. There were only a few restaurants open and you had better put gas in your car by Saturday night if you getting low because very few gas stations were open. However, I digress...

I remember a few summers when we did not have television. That was the time when I learned to read for pleasure. What a concept! Schools are going bonkers to get kids interested in reading. Why should they when there are so many other ways to be entertained. With televisions, computers, MP3 players, travel DVD players, and other assorted technology available, why would you want to read? It doesn't 'do' anything and you have to put forth a little effort if you don't understand the meaning of a word.

Although I have a few televisions placed around the house, I still prefer to read a novel of choice. It calms me. It takes me 'away' from the stresses of life. Perhaps, I am one of few that can skip television for other pleasures. I wonder........

I wonder:  Do parents still read to their kids?  Do parents limit their TV-Computer-DVD-time?  Do parents take their kids to the library on Saturdays?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I just got home a little earlier. I know many of you were surprised to hear about the surgery. So was I. Here's how it went...

Monday morning, doctor appt with surgeon. On the way, I bargained with myself. If he still thinks I need surgery, I'll do it if he can do it this week. Otherwise, no way.

SSSSoooo....There was no real improvement since last visit. (Actually, I had a couple of set-backs, but he didn't know that). He said the decision was up to me. So, I asked the deciding factor question. When can you do it if I say yes? His answer?  In the morning. (This is where my eyes are popping out of my head and mouth is dropping to the floor..) Some how, I manage to say that would be fine. And it starts. Medical mall, for blood work, ekg, etc.... pick up MRI films, home to pack stuff and then over to my dad's house for the night.  Surgery @ 7:30 AM and home just after 5:00 PM. Walking and everything.

Amazing isn't it??

Thanks for all the sweet thoughts and prayers.... I do appreciate it!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

And life goes on....

Back Surgery.

Yeah, I had it on Tuesday.

Better?  maybe... I'm sore in some of the strangest places. I don't feet the tug of the nerve anymore.

Not home... spending a few days at my Dad's house, but should be home by Sunday afternoon. I hope!


Monday, July 16, 2007

AAaaaawwww, Monday! AAAaaaaaaaaaaawwww, mid-July already?  Geezzz... just yesterday it was only June!  In just a few (even shorter) weeks, it'll be Aug 6 and the kids will be getting off the school buses. Hard to believe!

Today's entry by blog-buddy, Jimmy, down in FL, tells his version of 'Marriage the Jimmy Way.' I, too, have a marriage tale. I was married about 5 minutes. (well, not really, but out of the whole scheme of life, yeah...). It was just long enough to get pregnant and to find out even though ex liked to 'dress' me in black & blue. I highly disagreed. Hence, five minutes later, divorced. Sometimes, but not often, someone will tell me about seeing ex. My response? Dang, you mean he is still alive?  Ok, that's the Reader's Digest version and also, a much more cheerful version.

Just a couple of fashion tips from someone who is not on the fashion police force. I may speak out of turn, but I think it's worth mentioning. First of all, never, never wear bright colored underwear under a white outfit. Especially if you are very tan or a person of color. Second, if you are wearing something that somewhat favors overalls, please wear a shirt with them. Especially if you are a woman and not at the nude beach!

You guys have a good week!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Holy Cow! We have a bloom!

I just wanted to share a few pictures with you today. I couldn't believe I finally got a bloom from the sunflower seeds I planted. The seed package said mammoth sized. It is wrong.... I'd just call them, well, small. Even so, I'm glad to see they have finally decided to start popping out!

I had to go to Yuppieville to see the chiropractor this morning and on the way back home, I made this little picture of the Tennessee River as I drove over the big bridge on hwy, 65. It really doesn't show the magnitude of it. But hey, what do you expect when one is driving and making pictures at the same time??  <grin>

Dad came out to my house for 4th of July. After we ate, I tried to get him to go to a party I had been invited to, but he wouldn't go for it. He misses my Mom a lot (as do I), but he now has a lady friend. He keeps telling me no one will ever take my mom's place. I have to wonder who he is trying to convince??  I knew at some point he would find someone. I think sometimes, himself.....

The next two pictures are of projects the kids at school build and paint to help fund our classroom program. I love these two things I have. One is a butterfly house I had given to my mom for Mother's Day last year.  On the back, it says, 'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine'. One of my younger cousins used to sing that song to her when he was little. I found it sitting on the 'ready to sell' shelf and knew this would be something my Mom would get a kick out of.  The other is a blue bird house.

For all you non-bama folk  out there, War Eagle is Auburn University. Rival of Alabama University. When football season starts down here, everyone will already be looking forward to the Iron Bowl. Auburn has won it the last 5 years in a row.  This past year, we got the thumb!



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Father's Day went very well. Dad and I had lunch together, just barely beating all the other 'church folk' to a little restaurant that is older than me. Afterwards, we did a couple of things together and had a great time together!

I've been going to the chiropractor (he specializes in non-surgical procedures) a couple of times a week and I've been successfully getting feeling back in calf and foot. I've been (almost) faithful in doing all the exercises. I have a mental block about having back surgery that deals with the spinal cord. Chalk it up to having way to much experience with paraplegic issues to know what could happen!

I'm up in Tennessee at the moment spending time with my cousin. Hence, "Town Talk" on the radio. It's a call in show where anyone can call in and discuss (for a short time) any subject you want. So far this morning, I've heard prayer requests for loved ones, opinions about the attention Paris Hilton has gotten, the joys of a new, 'cute, little' Wal-Mart located somewhere (I missed that part), and who-saw-who-where.  All in all, it makes where I live seem up-town.

Any-who.... very little rain around here(actually, at home). For the month of June, we have received less than 1/2" of rain and we are 19" below the yearly normal. I have a feeling we won't catch up this year. George W. flew into the area last week to have a short tour of the local TVA nuclear plant and to see the damage the drought has caused. My friend, Bo, made a picture of Air Force 1, but it isn't a great picture or I would post it. I might anyway after I get home.

Everyone take care and be safe where ever you are!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Just a quick acknowledgment to all our dad's out there in J-Land. I hope you guys have a great time with your off-spring.  Just remember, it's not about gift you get, but the quality time you have with your kids! 

My dad has always been there for me, although sometimes, he needed my mom to shove him into the right direction!  I think that is just because of the difference in the male/female way of thinking.  I think sometimes he wished she had not shoved him so hard <grin>, but these days, he wishes she were here even if she shoved even harder!  I couldn't have asked for a better dad!! Thanks DAD!

BTW, I'm going to meet my dad for lunch!!

This commercial cracked me up every time I saw it this year!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I guess this is your lucky day!

Well, thanks to Jimmy, I 'repaired' my journal. It's all with the new picture stuff...  Sometimes, there is no good reason for change, ya know??  LOL

I've taken a break from my summer vacation by taking a computer class that is supposed to make my job a little easier. (Yeah, right... they have been saying that for years....)It's only four days (ends on Thursday afternoon), but it's been kinda fun. There are several other teachers from the school where I teach and the instructor is a real hoot! He is a good lookin' young thang that teaches in my school system. Good thing he decided he likes our wierd little group of older women!  In fact, our 'lunch group' grew from four yesterday to six today! Who knows? By Thursday, we might have everyone going to lunch with us! And you know lunch is the most fun meal of the day! Especially in our group!

Thanks again, Jimmy!      Come have lunch with us!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Testing, 1,2,3...

This is just a test. Only a test. If it had been a real journal entry, it might say something important. Or not.  Only on your lucky day, I guess....

As a single woman, I don't go grocery shopping very often. I might hit a store here or there a couple times a month. Sometimes, I buy lots of food or other stuff I need and then, other times, I just pass it up.

Today, I stopped by the Wal-Mart and was just shocked by the increase of prices since my last visit! Over $2 for half-gallon of milk that I rarely use up completely? Heck, soda is cheaper than that!

We all know it's the gas prices that are pushing up the price of everything else. We need a solution. I don't know what it is, except, I'm trying to do my part in making fewer trips, and all the other things one does. I don't buy Chevron, BP, or Exxon, but sometimes Shell (because it's convenient at times). 

I am at a loss as to a reasonable solution other than what I am already doing. If you have a suggestion, please leave it. I, as an unhappy consumer will be willing to make a few changes. 

And no, I won't buy and milk my own cow (although, I know how to do it and have!).... 


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Garden: It Grows In Spite of Me


In spite of my pinched sciatic nerve, no rain for about a month, and very little watering this year, the flower garden is surviving.  Just imagine what it would look like if I had actually been able to do something with it!  No sunflower blooms yet, but one very beautiful canna lily to call my own! 

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The world-traveling TB patient was finally identified. We knew it was just a matter of time before he was. AndrewSpeaker's actions are so careless and neglectful of others, including his new wife and her family. Her father, as a matter of fact, an employee in the TB area of CDC  already has had to defend his new son-in-law's actions in order to protect his own reputation. 

What was this guy thinking? 

Speaker's actions have put so many others at risk, both personally, nationally and internationally. Peoples lives and jobs have put at stake because of one person's selfish motives. Although I'm not sure exactly what consequences will be for Speaker, I do feel he should be penalized for his actions.  Perhaps, we should start with Jimmy's Journal and his weekly cat-ass award. I think we are a few week's behind.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm still around... really... I think.... maybe I am...

Well, the past couple of months have not been fun. That's just putting it very mildly. I've not written very much.  I've not commented very much. I've not even read many of your journals very much. I've missed you all! Everyone was so wonderful after the passing of my mom and I do love each one of you for the sweet, heart-touching comments that helped me during that time. And I thank you all for it!

After going back to work, it was just one "major pain in the ass" one thing right after another! Being behind (or at least feeling like I was... maybe over whelmed is a better word), I managed to pop something in my lower hip/back. How? I got up out of a chair. That's it.  Of course, not taking care of it right at first was the first mistake (hind-sight.... great, ain't it?) Of course, it was just a twinge in my hip and with the help of a few pain relievers, I was ok. For a while.... repeat, carry-on, keep doing, keep going, keep on. 

After almost 5 weeks of this, my body screeched to a halt. It didn't just speak to me. It screamed, screeched, and took me down to the mat.


So, I did. I am on the way back on the mend, with a small set-back here and there. I figured out, NO, I can NOT drive. No, I can not just come and go and do whatever. 

I'm on the way back to being good. School is out. I am glad. I need to mend.  I'm being good.... I've had an MRI, I have docs and chiropractors I've been seeing. I have an orthopedic doc to see this week.  AAaawwww.... never underestimate the power of the sciatic nerve!

No, Sue.... Surgery is the very LAST option!  <grin>

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rock Opera

I know most of us have heard the song Bohemian Rhapsody by the group Queen. Gosh, I have so many times, I bet you could fill a cd or two with the song! It's one of the greatest rock operas ever recorded. 

Every time I listen to it, I am 16 again, driving down the road with the 'movements' for which this song has become famous for.

Admit it. You know what I'm talkin about!

Here..... do a few of the head movements yourself.  I still do....


Friday, May 11, 2007

My Friend, Sue

You gotta realize that my friend Sue has been a great supporter of mine! There were times when my position wasn't as fun as it is now. She has backed me up when others would not. When Sue phoned me other morning, she was so pissed off I didn't even realize who she was! And yes, my friend Sue loves me.... and she feels SO TERRIBLE! ..... STILL.....   She brought me the newspaper and I can see how she made this mistake..... BTW, my teaching partner's father phoned him and made the same mistake....except, his dad added, 'How's that workin for ya?' At least Sue was gonna take prisoners and ask questions later!!!!!! 


This clip is dedicated to you, Sue!!  To bad you won't be able to watch it.... You really do need to find DSL out there in your part of the country... <grin>

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I think this says it all...

and what more can I really add???


Thursday, May 10, 2007

And then she said....

This past Tuesday night was school system board meeting to approve staff renewals, retirements, transfers, etc.  This was also the night they approve third year teachers for tenure. That is where I fall into. This morning at school I receive a phone call....

Caller: "YOU KNOW THIS IS JUST Temporary, DON'T YOU !!!????!!!!????!!??!  YOU'LL BE BACK IN AUGUST... THEY CAN'T JUST DO THIS!!!!!!"

Me: (puzzled) "I don't know what you are talking about..."


Me: (finally recognizing my friend, Sue) "Sue, I don't have a clue what you mean...."

Sue: "Haven't you read the paper???" (she was just a little calmer now...)

Me: "You must be joking... no, I've not read it... what's going on???"

Sue: "You and Daniel were not renewed for tenure!!!!"


Sue: "Let me read it to you:  These people from MY SCHOOL were not rehired: blah blah blah.... and then it says, blah blah, blah..... OH NO. Jackie, I am so sorry..."


Sue: I'm really sorry, Jackie... I read it wrong... JACKIE!!" (by this time, I have gotten hysterically angry and was crying... it seemed the stress of the last few months just caved in on me)


Sue: "Jackie.... listen... I read it wrong... You and Daniel both are renewed and tenured!"

Jackie: "what?" (squeaky voice)

Sue: "I read it wrong... I feel so badly. I am so truly sorry!! I just read it really fast and didn't see the break in the fired and renewed."

Me: "Did you take your ADHD meds this morning?"

Later in the day, I get an e-mail telling me she really feels so badly about it all, along with a PS... She said I was a master at pushing the guilt thing! hehe   Later, at the end of the school day, she rushes into my classroom with a bag filled with all kinds of goodies! When I got home, I had an e-mail that she still feels badly about it all.  I told her I'm not mad.... but she can read my journal tonight!!  hehehe

Paybacks.... aren't they sweet???   Love ya, Sue.... Don't feel badly anymore!!