Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mystery Solved!

I'd like to thank Meg for cluing me in on Wednesday mornings issues with good, solid answers!!  THANK YOU, MEG!!  

Now, I have a few things I'd like to share. I'm not sure if any of you have figured these things out or not. And of course, I may be the last to realize all this.

1. The person who said 72 degrees is comfortable temperature was never a woman having a hot flash.  I have found out it is really some little tweerpy guy living up in North Pole, Alaska.  He might just figure it out on his next trip to the south when he sees a middle-aged woman trying to climb into case in the frozen food section of the local Wal-Mart.

2. You really can sit to much.  I've had to sit more in the last 4-6 weeks more than I normally do. Usually, I don't sit down until around 2:30'ish pm. My butt hurts and is sometimes numb. I think next time I have to get something personalized it might have to say "Numb-Butt' or 'Pain-in-the-Butt'.

3. April Showers bring out weather men that threaten us with tornados. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that, but when you live in the south and somewhere close to the gulf there are always possibilities of tornados. Not a shocker. But please, don't start telling me 3 days before the thunderstorm there is a potential of tornados. I already know that.  Just give it a while. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the weather info, but I really want to wait until it's closer to the real time. *

4. There are people out there in the real world that drive, have jobs, and seem sane... until you get to know them.  Did you know it is virtually almost impossible to separate them from the ones that really are sane sometimes? I have found there is the 'honeymoon' period where these people 'act' sane until they are comfortable with you. And then, it's like something from a terror movie where the mask of sane is ripped off and they become normal. For them, that is....  I know, I know... what is normal?  Meg, can you answer that one??  LOL

Tomorrow is Friday and we can all relax. Thank goodness..... I need these weekends and I bet you do too!

*Author's Note: Please let me seriously stress that tornados are nothing to joke about.  We do have a lot of them in this area. I have seen the destruction they can do and the heartache they can cause. I have a respect for them. I have hovered in a hall, bathroom and closet with my battery-operated tv/radio many times. The weather people lessen the fear in many people because they jump on the tornado bandwagon whenever it sprinkles. And on the other side... apart from all the destruction they cause, they really are a spectacular phenomenon.  Just watch the video. Thank you.



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aaaawww.... Sweet Mystery of Life....

My friend, Chuck, posted a list of things he was wondering about.... and then, I noticed I was asking questions to myself about stuff that is happening around me....  I thought I'd share....

1. Why is it when you put clothes in the dryer, the paper/tissue you forgot to take out of your pockets doesn't turn into money?  (BTW, if you find a dryer that can actually do that, let me know....)

2. How long does it take for those waffle-shaped wrinkles to embed themselves into the top you want to wear this morning?

3. How do people that have never worked in the classroom get the jobs that dictate what and how teachers really do in the classroom?  They should be required to work at least 5 years when making decisions about a particular IQ level.  (This includes the powers that be in DC...)

4. When does it click to parents their little precious is a real pain in the &** and they have created the monster they are living with....?

Those and more later.....

Happy Hump Day..... and may Friday be here sooner than you expect!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally! A Saturday that is warm enough and not raining. I cleaned out the flower bed and planted sunflower seeds, mixed flowers, elephant ears and cana lillies....

I knew I had been hearing some tweetering in the mornings, but wasn't sure where it was coming from. I found two little babies looking over the side of a nest... probably wanting a big juicy worm! I found plenty in the flower bed when I was cleaning it out, but momma bird needs to be the one to feed them!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life imitates Life... In a bad way...

Today, a high school in the same county where I teach, but different system went into lock-down.  Phone calls from a kid said he was going to 'shoot-up' the school. And if that isn't bad enough, one of the women that I work with in my classroom has a daughter and a nephew that attends that school.


After the tragedy that occurred in Virginia this all hit home just a little to close.  This same school had a fire about 1:30 on Sunday morning in the school gym. It was a questionable fire and now, of course, we are wondering if the kid that threatened to shoot up the school had something to do with it.

I don't know if they have caught the kid.

Daughter and nephew were checked out and they are fine (It took over an hour before being checked out because all the parents were there getting their kids.)

This is just a little close to home.... Heck, it's to close if it happens at any school....

Scary stuff.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mule Day

Mule Day is a celebration of mules and their 4-legged comrades and has been held in Columbia, TN, usually in April, every year for the past 200 years. Owners of mules and horses preen their steeds for the Saturday parade. Of course, there are booths set up where you can buy the local fare if desired. There is, of course, a Queen with her court. My parents are orginally from TN, and in fact, have a couple of relatives that have paraded through the streets.  It's just a fun thing to do.....

If you want more information, here is the link to the official site. There are pictures and all kinds of other things. Enjoy!

Mule Day 2007 || April 12th - April 15th in Columbia, TN


Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's the Weekend!

I had planned on going up to Columbia, TN for Mule Day, but it rained all night and day. I decided it would be a great day to roll back over and sleep until I was ready to get up. 

I met Dad for dinner tonight. It was good to see him again. He is still tying up a few of the loose ends left by my mom's passing. He has done well. Not that he doesn't miss her, but he is finding ways of handling 'things'....  As for me, I'm doing ok. I have my 'moments,' of course, but who wouldn't? I will say, I didn't realize how much I would miss her.  In the days prior to her death she kept asking me if I had any questions for her and I couldn't think of really anything. Now? I have hundreds! Figures... 

We are down to the last 5 weeks of school. I can't believe how quickly this school year has passed! The good news is, I received my secondary certification last week,just in time for the May 1 deadline.... so my job should be rather secure. Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed.... but I do feel like I'm a 'keeper' now.

Weekends are the wonderful, aren't they? To do things around the house, see friends and family, relax, watch a movie now and then....  Back to the fun!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hump Day

Yep, my fellow readers, it's Wednesday, or hump day.

These days, I'm just working for the weekends......


Sunday, April 8, 2007

This is rather morbid, I know....

Today, a friend asked if I wanted to drive to Yuppieville and do a bunch of errands. Sure, why not, I'm thinking. One of the places was to CostCo. I began to remember a time or two we had gone on Sunday and it was closed. I looked up their site online to get their phone number. And that's when I saw it. You'll never guess, so I'll just tell you. Costco sells caskets. Yes, they do. As well as urns and other burial memento items. You expect this kind of thing from eBay, you know?

Ok.... I began to think about this. They do have a selection that can be shipped 'overnight' and that I do understand. I even understand about buying an urn in advance because you can put it in a closet until you need it. But, can anyone tell me why someone would buy and pay a large amount of money for something they would have to store?  And then, I began having these little personal 'movies' I do sometimes where I imagine scenarios. For instance, someone buys a casket and 'stores' it in the garage. They decide to sell the house and there it sits. Do you really think that will help the sale of your house???  It also made me remember a story on the news a while back about a man who had killed his kids (and the kids through incest) and they found them in caskets in their house.... weird shit, you know?? 

If you have any ideas about this, please let me know.

Yes, this has been rather morbid.... considering the timing.....

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter

I hope everyone has a nice Easter!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Be careful what you guess....

Another conversation at school.....

Me:  Johnny, write a story about going to the prom.

Johnny: Ok, Ms. Jackie.

Johnny: I'll wear a white shirt, tie and a black suit. How do you spell suit?

Me: How do you think it might be spelled?

Johnny: s-u-i-t ?

Me. Very good!! You're a great speller!

Johnny: Guess what I had last night, Ms. Jackie?

Me: What, Johnny?

Johnny: I had gas!

True story... no kidding........ 

Bet he has gas again tonight. We made taco salad in the class today.  

BTW, Johnny is not his real name....