Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And the good news is...

I tried to drink a glass of wine tonight. It didn't work well. My face felt like it was on fire and it still does. I poured it out.

The kids have not disappointed us in the way of entertainment this year. Some really funny ("The bad (insert name here) is here and doesn't give an ape I'm not gonna say that other word!") and some not ("Go straight to ISS, do not pass go, do not collect $200") so funny. It's only week three and 165 days to go. I've never counted down this early before.

Yep, Daddy is talking about getting married. He has not asked her, but the date is February 14 and will be a church wedding. They have now been dating for all of 4 weeks. I told him it doesn't sound like he will have to ask, she has already decided. He has said she is already making plans to re-do the house, move all my mom's stuff out and wants the house when he dies. After asking questions he didn't have any answers for, I suggested he go see an attorney prior to saying, "I do". I even volunteered to go with him. 'Nuf said about that. My sister is coming over from Georgia this weekend. It will be interesting to say the least.

Danged wine. Just when you need it....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The good news this weekend is I filled Rusty (my truck) up to the tune of $3.35 yesterday. First time my gas bill has been under $40 in a while. Thanks Dubya for suggesting home drillin! Also saw a lot of people pulling their boats down to the river for a change. We've not seen a lot of that around here this year.

School, you ask?  Let's not talk about it right now. It's going along. Maybe everything will fall into place really soon.....  I will not whine about it. It has to get better.

Cousin and her husband stopped by this morning. They have a friend that moved from Indiana down to Alabama because she married someone. We all had breakfast together and a wonderful visit! Y'all come back now, ya hear??

BTW, word on the street is my dad is thinking about getting married. He phoned me other evening and asked if he and I could have dinner together on Thursday night. Added he had something to talk to me about. I think he's already talked to other folks about it. Namely, cousin and her husband. I do know the girlfriend and Dad have talked about. He isn't wasting time. I think they've been dating about 3 weeks now. I'll keep you posted.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the trial run is over...

School started right on time Thursday morning. Well, right on time for us, that is! And that means, behind as normal. And it was packed! A new class was added to our section, bringing with it four kids and as many extra adults. (One of those is another teacher. Yippee! She gets to teach math and I get to teach the fun stuff <grin>.)

Our class has grown to the largest ever with 31 kids on roll. Rumor is #32 is just waiting in the wings to enroll and possibly, a #33 sometime down the line. If any of you ever win the lottery and have to much money, contact me. I know how to spend some of it for you in the form of tax deduction. You will make a lot of people happy.

Back to Thursday. With so many new kids, the 9th graders plus the other class and their adults, we had to rehearse going to class, showing them everywhere they are supposed to be, and just practice. Oopps. Make that model.... that is the new word for practice. Model behavior, model routines, model, model, model!!

Of course, one of the most fun things about the beginning of school is seeing how much the kids have changed over the summer. One boy is sporting a mustache (of course, you have to be close to him to really see it...hehehehe....), one of the girls has gotten much taller over the summer and is now a few inches taller than my 5'4.5"! As a bonus, she is staying calm. Boy! Eight weeks can make all the change in the world!!!

What about in the morning? We are all about the business of school.

Only 178 school days left!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's 100 degrees, so it must be time for school to start...

Yep, tomorrow for me and Thursday for the kids. Funny, the system is supposed to make a 5% cut across the board, but they insist on starting school when it's the hottest. Apparently, whoever the 'they' are have never been in a very small room with 31 hormonal teensjust back from PE with sweat glands that work better than normal during those 100 degree days! No wonder we are experiencing global warming!


We are going to have many added attractions to the circus this year. We are guaranteed to please and piss off many this year, depending on the way the wind blows over the 3-ring tent during the main attraction. Come one, come all... it's sure to be a show!