Friday, June 30, 2006

Is it time to move already?

About every two years I have to reorder checks.  And for the past several times that I've needed to reorder checks, I have needed to move.  I have needed to reorder for some time now, but have hesitated because I love where I live.  I know, I's just coincidence this happens, but after about 3 or 4 times, you begin to expect it.  And I just finished the guest room!!  Where will it be this time?? 

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

What's Your Theme Song?

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC
"Back in black, I hit the sack,
I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!


Blogthings - What's Your Theme Song?

Friday, June 23, 2006

What was I thinking?

As most of you know, I live in a small rural area here in Alabama.... AKA, the country!  I grew up in one of the larger cities here in Alabama and over the past 7 or 8 years migrated farther away from city life. 

Today, on a invitation from my friend Bo (who is working summer school 1/2 days in June in a different school system than the one I work in), I went over to 'check out the kids'.  Some I've worked with before and other are new.  The visit was great!  Getting there and back home was the problem...  I can't believe the traffic in such a small area!!  Stop, ease up, stop....turn, slow down, stop, go, turn, stop...  and then, just a plain ole 'STOP' for the train while it sits there blocking six lanes of traffic  .... Good grief!!  It's not like this is Atlanta or something!!   

Yes, it was lunch time, yes it was Friday, yes, what was I thinking????    

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a MOM!!!!!

Yes, I'm a mom... ok.... owner of a dog, we're still bonding....  And you are asking, how did this happen??

I went to Guntersville this morning to visit a friend.  When I got there, I noticed a new dog among all the other ones he and his wife have collected over the last few years.  They have a wide variety of dogs and cats for that matter.... When I got out of the car, this little dog was right there waiting for me to scratch behind his ears and give a pet...  My friend told me they have had him about 3 weeks now and probably a 'drop-off'... you know... the kind of thing that happens out in the country a lot of times.

When we got back from having lunch, I step out of the car and here is this little guy...waiting for me it seemed...  I pet him, love on him and say, 'I'd take you home with me!!' and my friend said, 'PLEASE DO!!' 

I brought him home and found out he needs a little work in the house-breaking dept. and put him out in the back yard... A perfect place since it's huge AND fenced in!!  I did have a little scare when I opened the gate to feed him and he ran out.  I'm thinking, oh great....  and sit on the sofa to check out the mail and see the little guy running up the drive!

I think  his name is Mike.  What do you think?  He looks like border collie mix and is on the smaller side of border collie.... 

Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer Update

As was reminded by Chuck's Dribble from his entry yesterday ( It Ain't Just Me -- It's All o' Us) , we all are getting rather slack in making entries.  I know I have.  I've thought about writing and have even started a few times.  But what to write about?  Is my life that boring?  Dang, I guess it is....  but if you don't enjoy it, just blame it on Chuck!!    

I am recovering my surgery that occurred just over two weeks ago.  Was not emergency, but something that needed to be corrected my health, attitude and self-esteem.  I am doing well from it with very little soreness left at this time. I began driving only a week ago but have not really cared about going/driving anywhere.  I'm just happy to have the time for recovery.....

The class I am taking is online, thank goodness.  I only say that because of my surgery. This online-class stuff seems to be the trend of many colleges and it really isn't my favorite way to take a class.  There seems to be a lot missing for the same amount of outrageous fees.  There is no class interaction, a lack of true instruction by the professor and the ability to sit on the back row while drawing fabulous art work and puffy-letters to color in during that instruction while rolling your eyes at the little dumba** twenty year old girls that have the perfect nails/teeth/clothes/figures that mom and dad can buy, but they are lacking in the attic dept of life.  Yeah, yeah I know...  give 'em time....  Ok...  time's up. 

During this break between school years and the online class, I have had more time for watching wonderful and delightful television shows such as COPS, Living Single, The Biography Channel, the History Channel and Hallmark channel.  Sometimes, I even fit the news in, but dang, it's so depressing!!  People get killed either in the war or here by others that don't care about humanity.  They need to remember the #1 rule in my classroom:  Keep your hands to yourself.   And don't forget about the other #1 rule:  Mind your own business.  One of my favorite #1 rules concerns the answer to the question, 'Why did you do that?'.  Most of the kids will answer, 'I don't know.'  Guess what?  That answer does not fly with me.  Take a minute, think about what you did and give me an answer even if it's the wrong one!  I can live with that.....  Maybe W needs to fly me up to D.C. so he and his staff can take a few notes.....

One of the things I did learn from watching COPS and Remo, a cop (his journal is private, and that's to bad because he is an excellent blogger), is that if someone is huffing spray paint, gold is the preferred color.  I could how they think it's attractive by the gold metallic residue on the guy's beard. At least he was calm.  Wonder how many cans of paint he had to huff before he got where he couldn't even remember his own telephone number?   Sad isn't it......  Self induced retardation...what a bummer....

And on that note, until later my friends..... 

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Update...Told you there would be one!

Ok... Thanks for 'reading' all the whining and stuff from yesterday's entry.  Like Scarlet said, "After all, tomorrow is another day."  Yes, Scarlet, there is a tomorrow!! 


I received the textbook courtesy of my UPS woman, the university bookstore and the 'pay out the ying-yang fee' for next day delivery service. 

I received an "it's ok, but you still have to do the classroom requirements and the bullsh*t I want you to do" from the professor for missing the online orientation. (No word yet on the number of shoes to be spit-shine to perfection.....)  That's ok.. I'm a state employee.  I can spit-shine with the best of 'em. 

The pain is leaving little-by-little as time goes on.  Tomorrow marks a week and each day is different.  It was nothing serious and hopefully will help to be able to detect if ever there is something that is serious. 

I am loving not being on a schedule this week.  I have done a little of this, a little of that, a nap here, a visitor there.... it's been wonderful!!     

Monday, June 5, 2006

I Screwed Up... Again

No excuses really.  Well, kinda do have one.  I had a little surgery last week and that has my brain on recovering I guess.  But I knew this day was coming... even when I started feeling better.  Dang.  OK, you must have figured it out... I'm pissed off at myself!!  Here's what happened:

The last week of school, I worked like a trojan to get all the work completed.  Didn't happen of course.  The next Monday was a holiday and I couldn't get onto campus (and to be honest, didn't want to be there alone, especially after the teacher not far from me was murdered on campus one evening), so, I didn't work that day.  Next day, had told one of my students I would take him to get his driver's license and it took ALL DAY.  We got there about 8:30-8:45 and we walked out with the license at 4:15. The next morning, I went in and worked for hours and finally completed everything that had to be completed, shipped, rearranged, etc. I got it all on the 'pony' (tranportation for inner office stuff) by 3:00 and left.  Next day, I had surgery scheduled, and got home Friday afternoon just as out of life as can be!  Thanks to modern day medications, I have basically been out of it for several days.  This evening, I remembered classes began today and I had signed up for an online class... I just breeze right to my school e-mail account and find I was supposed to have an online orientation class tonight!! Only about an hour before I had signed on!  Geez Jackie.... Couldn't you have put the brain in gear a little earlier??  I also found out, I have 2 assignments due on June 11 AND I have to have the book. 

Now, I pause here to insert a little tid-bit of information. 

 Point 1:I did go to the bookstore to purchase the book the day I paid for my class and they were out of them.

Point 2: RARELY have I ever used any of the textbooks and thought nothing else of really needing one for this class.  Besides, after the first class I could always run over to the campus bookstore and get the stupid thing.  Can't do any running right now.  Heck, I'm not even allowed to drive! 

OK, so what is a good student supposed to do?  Who the hell knows.... but here is what I did.....  I e-mailed the professor and begged for mercy (I bet this is the kind of thing that turns them on, you know?).  Gave a little back ground information about me (can do spit shine on them patent leathers you're wearing, Ma'am)  Ordered the book from the bookstore and paid out the wha-ho for next day delivery.  (wonder if the prof will check on that?)

As a remaining bit of info.... I will be so glad when this school cr*p is over.   And what is the class you ask yourself?  Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Area   It's not the first, or even the third reading/writing class I've taken, but more like the 5th or 6th....If I ain't ner gud at it now, eye ain't ner gun a be, if'n u no wut i mean.    

OK, the whining session is over.  Thanks for your patience and kind words... at least from the ones out there that have a tender heart for all the public school teachers in the world.... I know there is one, maybe two that doesn't have a kind word to say. (you know who you are!  lol)

Updates will occur during the next couple of months, I'm sure..... 

Politics, 2006


Tomorrow is the day to vote around here.  I have been bombarded with telephone calls all day with pre-recorded messages and television commercials to vote for "____________" (doesn't matter, you can fill in the blank).  The funny thing is, I have decided who to vote for long before now for the most part.  The sad part is how I have had to do it.  Vote for Moore for governor?  No, I feel he thinks he is above the law because he disobeyed a Supreme Court order a few years ago.  Why would I want him to be the leader of my state?  Basically, it's a check-list and whoever has the fewest negative check marks is my vote.  Why do I think it's sad?  Because I want it to be the BEST person for the job!!  Go figure. 

And now, a message for the phone people:  Don't call me.  It's a negative check-mark beside your name.



P.S. Let's not forget about our troops overseas, on the US  borders, and all over the states that are putting their lives on the line.  They should be a consideration as we take it to the polls.