Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aaaawww.... Now I Remeber...

I have always been a rather 'private' type of person. It isn't that I don't enjoy people, because I really do! I started writing my blog on AOL and when they sent these over to Blogger, I continued. But I wrote less and less.. I slowed down. It was a little more exposed, a little more open to the public. And while that is fine in one sense of the word, it isn't in many others.

I had what I felt this past week a violation of my privacy on Facebook, at least for me, it was slap in the face. I have my settings set at the most private I can for my friends. I guess what did not 'click' was others can see postings on my friends. Without going into details, someone felt I was spending my time unwisely when, in fact, I was explaining a situation. It wasn't at school I wrote this. It wasn't even early in the afternoon. It was done around 5:30ish in the evening. It wasn't about anything "immoral" or vulgar... Why have people gotten to be so critical of others when they feel they have not gotten their way?

Just a note: If you are the person that sent me the note about my Facebook post, answer this not. I care nothing of your opinion. You know not of what you speak.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Already another year??

I saw someone from my "bloggin" world had posted on another bloggin' friend's blog. It was good to read her posts again and made me wish I had kept up with my bloggin'. It made me look up my password, then saw it has been over a year since I posted. However, it is about the same time of year. Ready to be finished with another school year and ready to take on another summer vacation. Boring, I guess to some, but if you have ever worked in a school system, you know after spring break, it's all down hill. This year, spring break was more than a month later than 'normal' (whatever the heck that is), and all of us, are itching for it to be over. The popular question often asked is, "How many...." Me: "9 & 14", I answer before they finish asking. (9= days left w/ students & 14= days before teachers are really finished....). I am, however, just tickled I have a job. Yes, seriously. My friend, Bo, has been out of work for 2 years this month.

My mantra this school year has been, "When pigs fly!"

I am hoping for a better school year in the future and a mantra that has a more positive tone. Maybe, like, "Why yes, I'll take a raise and thank you for not stealing it back in the form of more taxes, paying higher insurance rates and having to buy more school supplies this year!"   

Yeah, right.... the dream gets bigger.... :)