Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Dear, Wonderful Friend!!

 Have you ever gone for days without speaking to one of your favorite people?  I just have. 

Thursday: first class for the semester and it started at 5:00 that evening... drove my 36 miles over... I did speak to that person on the phone for about 10 minutes... YIPPEE!! 

Friday:  No friend waiting online that morning.  Sent e-mail.  I went to work, got home around 4:00.  No friend waiting, but did have e-mail.... Responded to that.  Waited, waited, waited.... have to go.... Went to football game in another county.  Got home.  E-mail, no friend.  Waited... no show..... went to bed.....

Saturday morning:  Slept until around 8:00.  E-mail waiting, but no friend.... responded to e-mail.  Showered, dressed, went into work, went to give blood, shopped,

Saturday afternoon: came home, had e-mails... responded to those.  Waited, no friend.  Phone rings, it is one of my lonely kids in the class... "What cha doing?".....  Took nap, woke late....

Saturday night:  had response to e-mails., but still no friend.... 

Sunday morning:  woke early!!  signed on, response to my e-mail, but no friend....  Sent e-mail, you will see me online, wait for me!!  I will be around and will respond as soon as I see you!!  I walked down to mailbox, got Sunday paper, read it, read ads, checked, still no friend.... I was so sleepy!!  I laid down and woke later and guess what??  There was my friend!!  HOw exciting!  How wonderful!!  We both spoke of how enduring it was to have the e-mails, but there is NOTHING like the real thing, the real person, the banter back and forth!! 

It is to my dear, wonderful friend who lives thousands of miles away, I say 'Thank you!'..... Thank you for being a part of my life, even with this distance!! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


  I drove in from work, got out of the car, walked in and something moved!!  It was on the floor and it began to move, jumping!  I turned on the light and it was a frog.  Now, how did a frog get into my house?  A frog? 
     Finally, I caught him and put him outside. 

         Thank goodness it wasn't a snake!!

Monday, August 1, 2005

School, Offical and Unoffical....

This is August 1st.  School begins in 10 days.  Where did the summer go??  It seems that it was yesterday that I thought, wow, 10 weeks!!  Now, it's YIKES, 10 days! 

When I began elementary school, we started Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.  We had cool mornings, warm days, and you could almost smell the leaves begin their process of changing hues.  It marked a change, both in our daily activities and the time of the year.  They went together, hand-in-hand,  as if they were a young couple in love. 

I think, for me, that school will not officially begin until that day after Labor Day.  Oh yes, in ten days I will teach and the kids will moan at their assignments and parents with cheer with exhaustion.....  But, on Tuesday after Labor Day?  In my heart, that will be the first day of school!