Saturday, January 21, 2006

Classic Movies

Prior to the idea of Harry Potter or when J.B. Fletcher was teaching English in high school instead of solving 'who done it's, Walt Disney combined elements of both to make a classic children's movie.  A movie that brings back bittersweet memories for me:  Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  This movie just happened to come on this morning.

Angela Lansbury plays a woman taking a correspondence class in the art of witchcraft during WWII.  She takes in three orphans for a brief time and the story begins. 

I became familiar with the story years ago when I would accompany my son to Children's Hospital in Birmingham.  The hospital had a channel of their own and would show the classic Disney movies.  All of this was before VCR's, DVD's, gameboys and x-boxes were commonplace. 

If you're not familiar with it, or you've not watched it in a while, give it a try.

To wine or not to wine

First of all, a disclaimer:  I'm not a wine expert as you will see.

A friend and I went to the local, yet not close, Sam's Club tonight.  This is a new one and I had never been there, so we just browsed around the aisles.  Even though you may have been several times, it just seems that the newer the store, the more different the merchandise.  Anyway, I digress.....

There before us were probably a couple hundred various wines.  Just as interesting as some of the names (Toad Hollow is just one brand name...) is the vast range of prices.  The prices range from a jug (yes, jug) that is priced from just under $4 to $134.  I know there are more expensive wines in the world, but when I think about 'borrowing' a drink of something as costly as even $134 I have to wonder if it is worth it.  I think before I dropped that kind of money, I'd have to have a taste test.  Funny, I've seen those sample folk giving out fried cheese, frozen pizza and chips and salsa.  I've never seen them pass out samples of something so expensive as wine.  Although I know they can't, doesn't it make sense?  If you had a case or several of a pricey something, wouldn't you want to do everything you can to sell it?  I just wonder just how much better or different is it than the $4 jug? 

As stated in the disclaimer, I am not an expert..      

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   It's been awhile.... I've just had some things going on with some of the kids.... not all good either....  I'll spare you the details.... It ain't pretty....

   Now, we are back to a new year.  This week brought the try-outs for American Idol.  I didn't watch it all the first night.   There is only so much of that stuff I can really take.  I did watch it last night.... it seemed to go a little faster than the night before.  But, the show I really enjoy is Dancing with the Stars.  Hold me back!!  I love this show.  Yes, I'm the one that always watches those dancing contests on Public Television.  Now, it's even more often......  I've thought about going to Arthur Murray for lessons, but just never have..... Maybe I'll put that on my life's 'To Do' list ......