Saturday, April 29, 2006


This morning I woke rather early but didn't want to get out of bed just yet.  I turned on the television to Turner South.  Saturday brings out the movies on TS and this morning was no exception.  "Out of Africa" was on.  I've never been able to sit through that movie without falling asleep.  When I woke again, the credits were rolling.  Next on was "Bridges of Madison County," a real chick-flick.  That's cool.  I rarely see the beginning of this movie, so I decide to watch the part where the kids find out about their mom's 4 days and her conflict with life....... watching....... then to the flashback......  Robert asks mom about the bridges......she rides along with him to the bridge......Robert reaches into the glove box and pulls out a pack of Camels... offers her one and then he lights it for her.  He is using a Zippo.  Typical for the time era.  He flicks it open and rolls his thumb down the igniter and the flame springs up.  (Now, here is where you might think it's a little weird)  I could smell it.  If you have ever been around anyone who has used one of those lighters (I never have used one or had one), you know what I mean.  It smells of the lighter fluid used to fill the chamber.  What about you?  Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and could smell or taste something they are using? 

BTW, did you know the design of the Zippo lighter has unchanged in more than 70 years??  Just another perfect design!! 


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Common Items-Answer

I can see all of you are waiting with baited breath for the answer about the common items.  The picture was only a sample of items that could be included!  The answer to the question of what these items have in common is:  These items have changed very little in the past 47+ years.  It's as simple as that!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Common Items

Other day, I was doing stuff around the house and I picked up one of the items in the picture.  Then, I began to make a list of other items in my head, such as a plunger.  There are more items on my mental list than are in the this picture. Can you tell me what these items have in common?   I'll give you a couple of days to think about it......


Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Procrastination in the Best Way!!


This is pretty cool thing to play with.... especially when you have all kinds of paperwork to do, but you are already so burned out.  This helps to get it back together.  Well, kinda.  You see, I work better under pressure and this just helps to provide the right amount of pressure...    (sounds like a good excuse, doesn't it??)