Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sweet Emotion!

I burned a couple of new cd's for a short road trip for this past weekend. One of them had a lot of songs by one of favorite rock groups ever! (OK, my opinion, but that's ok...). They've been around since I was in high school <gasp> and I still love to listen to them!   This was an old(er) song when this video by Run-DMC came out, but I did get to see them in concert about this same time.  Anyway, this is just blast... from MY past!! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Meatloaf and Sink Holes

As many of you know, I work with a bunch of kids that are great, but most people choose not to work with due to their lack of abilities. Upon occasion there is always the possibility of having kids from other ethnic origins in our class, as is the case at this point in time. Somehow, some way we manage to communicate. Well, most times, that is...

We like for the kids to interact with each other as much as possible (until chaos breaks out).  I'm sure it is very difficult for the kids from other countries to understand the our wide array of speech and language disorders, but it seems that the problems are not always with the the kids that speak a different language.  The kids know Jose* is from Mexico and they accept him. They accept his language difference. UNTIL, they think he is calling them names.  Today, one of our younger boys was almost in tears and went to one of the aides saying, 'Jose called me a meatloaf!' <sniff>.... "A WHAT??"   '<sniff> A meatloaf!!!! Tell him to stop calling me a meatloaf! <sniff sniff>'  The aide, bewildered, went to 'hear' Jose.  Almost unable to compose herself, the aide explained to the upset boy, "Don't worry, he's not calling you a meatloaf.  He called you 'AMIGO'.  That means you are his friend!" 

That isn't the only time the language barrier has caused ruffled feathers for other kids in the classroom.  Last May, one of my other boys came up to me and said, "Ms. Jackie, you better tell Jose to stop calling me a sinkhole!"  I'm thinking, sinkhole??  Dang. (OK, it could have been worse, ya know??).  I ask the kid a couple of questions and we go over to where Jose is and all of a sudden it hits me!!  SINKHOLE??   (OK, inside I am just rolling....)  I tell the kid, "No,he's not calling you a sinkhole, he is saying CINCO.  It's May 5th, Cinco de Mayo!"

*The names were changed to protect the innocent!  Or is it guilty? 

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Prune is Not Chocolate in Disguise!

What a great visit with my cousins!  I love them all and they have a way of making me 'centered' again.  Marion and Doyle had a great dinner made and I think there was total silence for about 10 minutes.  That in itself proves it was good! When you get this crew together, there is never a dull or quiet moment!!  Tannis and Becky were down from Ohio and Indiana and it's been at least a couple of years since (more than that??) since I've seen her and many more since I've seen Becky.  Hey guys, let's make a point of doing this more than just every odd chance we get, ok??

After dinner, we were sitting around talking and Tannis asked if anyone wanted ice cream. I said no, I had made a run down to The Pig other day cause I had been craving chocolate all weekend. I searched this house up one side and down the other and the only thing I could find that was even close to sweet was a box of prunes. I made a discovery. You can't satisfy your craving for chocolate with a prune.


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Monday, October 23, 2006

Autumn Has Arrived

Autumn has made an appearance in the Tennessee Valley. Last week the temps were jumping around like crazy with one day being 87 and the next mid-60's.  This morning the temp outside was 34 according to DeeDee and whomever her current radio partner is. The central heat was set on 55 and the dang thing came on! I knew it was going to be cold then! 

Just got off the phone with cousin that now lives in Tennessee. I'm taking a half-day off, go pick up my mom and we are going to head up there to see family down from Ohio that is visiting.  Should be fun.... 

Rest of the week? Wednesday, Special Olympic Volleyball game at school and one of the clubs at school is giving our kids a Halloween Party on Friday afternoon.  Actually, I think the politically correct term is Autumn Festival.  I don't do politically correct very well and let's face it, not many of those kids are going to come dressed like a scarecrow!  I'm going to dress as myself and be the witch they think I am.  I don't even have to dress for the occassion! 


Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Trip to the Farm!

We had our annual fall farm field trip yesterday! It's one of the most fun days for the kids. They enjoy it and that is worth the work that goes into making it happen for them.

It's a full day for everyone. We get there around 8:30 and leave to go back to school around 2:00. They got to ride horses, milk a cow, 4-wheelin, wagon ride, fishing and make scarecrows.  And then eat!  And then hayride around the farm! And then play!

BTW, it was COLD!  ALL day!  The temp was supposed to get up to 61, but never made it past 47, plus the sun was supposed to come out around noon.  Someone got that forecast wrong! It was cloudy all day, but it didn't stop the kids from having fun!

Now, the next trip is only a year away!

Book Tag

I found this on  Charley's site and thought it would be fun to do!

1. Grab the nearest book. If you are currently reading something, that'll be fine too.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your Blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet I know that is what you were thinking!

6. Tag 5 people

He listened carefully to the low rumble of the engine. He trusted the vehicle, but like any machine he relied on, it needed attention from time to time. But it was running beautifully now, carrying him on a most important mission.

Ahead, a yellow school bus, festooned with Christmas decorations, was stopped near a farm house.      From: A Christmas Visitor

Ok. I'm not going to tag anyone, but do it for fun!  Let me know what you find!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Better Together

What a leap from Time Warp and Groove Thing to Better Together!! That's cool, though... Just shows just HOW eclectic my taste runs! 

Just a note: Better Together is by Jack Johnson and I just discovered him tonight when I did a search for Nick and Nora Charles (via You Tube), AKA, The Thin Man movies!  What great fun those movies are! I discovered them when I would have to be up with Charlie at nights when he was sick and nothing would be on TV (OK, that was a while ago... but not much has changed on cable.) except American Movie Classics.

What do you think?  You like the music? 


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time Warp & Groove Thing

This time of year just brings out the fun side of me (I'm not sure what happens to the other sides, perhaps they go into hiding? <grin>).  For some reason, I always think about the movie, "Rocky Horror Picture Show".   I found this clip and it really is great for this time of year!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Autumn Song

This is my autumn song. It should only be played from September through December! 


Volley Ball, Girly Stuff and the Farm

This next week is going to be packed! The first Special Olympic Volley Ball game is coming up on Thursday.  It's an 'away' game and I'm going to keep the girls at school that day for an activity very similar to a slumber party. 

Why (I can hear you asking)? There are quite a few reasons actually.                                                                           1)Most of the girls uniforms are not here yet.                                                             2) The game will be a long distance from our school.                                                   3) The games doesn't even start until   11:30.                                                                4) We ALWAYS have to stop at the DQ for lunch afterwards, which is fine. I like DQ. But boys eat differently than girls. Boys this age eat like they have never eaten before. Girls just nibble and play with it. And besides, have you ever taken 26 kids to eat and have to be done in about 30-40 minutes?  Boys can do it, but these girls can't.                                                            5) Some of our girls have some rather significant health issues that clash with the timing of everything that day.                               6) None of the girls play. They don't want to play. None of them are tom-boys, they are girly-girls. Heck, they don't even do something as simple as walk their laps.

The girls haven't really reacted about it except for one. She stopped when I told her we were going to do facials and make-up and she could make me up. That in itself should be a hoot. 

The next day, on Friday, we are going on our annual farm field trip to the co-teacher's  (of the unit) family farm.  We've done this every year since he and I have started working together.  It'll be FUN!  Horses, fishing, 4-wheeling (my favorite!!), wagon ride, hayride, food, making scarecrows (no comments, please <grin>)!!  In the afternoon, we all get back around time for the kids to leave. 

It's a full, fun, busy, active day!! Heck, it's going to be a fun, busy week!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Mull of Kintyre

One of the best musicians of all times is Paul McCartney.  His ability to be a leader in the arts as well as continue to tour and make  music is very amazing to me.  He was a caregiver to his wife, Linda, as well as father to very talented children.  One of my favorite songs is early Wings.  I found this 'video' and yes, it was filmed at pre-MTV times, but that's cool.  Like I said, he is ahead of his time!  Enjoy!!


Moon Glow

Many mornings I ramble through the house between the hours of 2 and 5... usually various reasons. Mostly?  Just can't sleep, house is to warm, bathroom, thirsty, stress  are the usual culprits. My alarm clock tells me each weekday morning it is time get up at 5:40 and 5:50 (I need the 5:50 if I've rambled around to long in the middle of the night <sigh>).  This morning is different.  It is Saturday morning and the alarms are turned off (thank goodness! I hate that screaming sound of 'WAH WAH WAH WAH, etc." and yes, I know I could use the radio section of my alarm clock, but the point it to WAKE up... I would (and have) just sleep right through if I have been wandering around during the night) 

I am awake because the house is to stuffy.  I decided to open a couple of doors for a breeze when I noticed the most beautiful sights outside. Moon glow. Not the song. The view. Shadows on the lawn because of the moon. Light from above so beautiful and pure. Brighter than the new morning sun when it first peaks through the horizon. And it's cool just as fall should be.  Time to curl up on the couch with my napping blanket.



Friday, October 6, 2006

Just a little fun stuff...

It's the weekend, my battery is dead and I can't go to the ballgame.  Not really whining, but looking for something a little fun to lift the mood... Hope this works for you, cause I feel better!! 


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

My Fixation with Helicopters: The Beginning


I will never forget the moment I fell in love with helicopters. It was in  August, 1982 and I was about 4 months pregnant when my ex and I took my ex-sister in law back up to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. I remember we were admitted at the gate and then all of a sudden there were probably about 100 Chinooks on the tarmac!  Their image against the sky was breath-taking!! I remember watching them until I couldn't see them anymore (meanwhile, the ex- was jealous because he thought i was looking at another guy, of course! He could not believe it was about the helicopters.  He was such an idiot!... probably still is...).  I was hypnotized by their magnificent forms against the afternoon sky, looking majestic and ready for battle! 

BTW: Semper FI !! 



Monday, October 2, 2006