Saturday, February 25, 2006

  Hi guys... I'm just taking a break from being domesticated, i.e., housework.  I need a wife.  I hate doing some of this stuff, such as, cleaning out the fridge.  It reminded me of a guy I worked with at one time that declared by the time he had kids he hoped there would be a business that would come in and change the 'poopy' diapers and especially the really bad ones.  He went on to describe the 'clean-up crew'.  They would be wearing items very similar to those guys in "Ghostbusters".  I was wishing the same thing this morning.  You know it's bad when you are standing there wondering if it would ever be possible for the bowl to ever be clean enough to use again or should you just avoid the whole nuclear reaction...explosion animation and dump the bowl with the contents... whatever it was..... Well, everything is soaking in hot, soapy water.... Guess I'll take a chance. 


Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, George, Abe and Charlie!

Today is President's Day.  We celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays.  Happy Birthday, Guys!!  

If we were going to have cakes with candles, we would have to make sure we had fire extinguishers close by.  Washington, the first president, would be 274 years on his birthday.  His official birth date is February 22, 1732.   Lincoln's birth date is February 12, 1809 and was 197 years old. 


Now, you're asking yourself, who is Charlie?  Charlie was my only child and today would have been his 23rd birthday.  He was a good kid... perfect in every way.  He was born with spina bifida and was a paraplegic.  He lived for 14 1/2  years before respiratory problems got the best of him.  I just wanted to take a small amount of space and honor him today.  I love you, buddy!!



Saturday, February 18, 2006

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.
Patrick Young

Last weekend, we had snow.  This weekend it's supposed to be ice.  And I have some.  A friend who is out driving just phoned and said he sees sleet, as well as cars drving south on hwy 65 with snow and ice on them.  My question is, why are you out driving on the hwy? His reply, taxes.  Figures.  Was it worth the drive, I asked.  He told me the amount he's getting back.  Yes.  It was worth it. 

Now, I can hear the sleet pinging on the windows on the back side of the house. The tips of the tree limbs are collecting bits of ice and the motor inside the heating unit is working overtime.  My plan for the weekend?  Clean out one of the back bedrooms and make it 'user friendly'.  That will be a first since I've moved here.  Now, on with the show!!   

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Preseident's Day...A Little Early

George Washington had a vision for this country. Was it three days of uninterrupted shopping?
Jeff Melvoin, Northern Exposure, Bolt from the Blue, 1994


I saw the first commercial for a Preseident's Day sale few minutes ago.  Yes, I like to save money, but somewhere along the way, don't we need to take a few minutes and remember exactly what President's Day is all about?  Yes, there are many people out there in J-Land that don't like the current president and that's ok.  You don't have to.  That is part of our election process, freedom of speech and all the other stuff.  Ok, so you don't like him, but let's remember the first President. 

What a difficult job Washington  must have had.  He just finished fighting for his beliefs,  had been a part of writing the Constitution and all the other stuff.  Plus, he probably had not seen Martha in a long time.  Travel was an issue... it's not like he could just hop a flight and be there in a few hours.  He gets elected president and there are no rules to go by.  He has to wing most everything!!  Now, there are procedural rules for even a President's free time.  I would not enjoy living in the spotlight. 

There is nothing wrong with shopping on President's Day if that is what you want to do.   But consider this:  How important would Presidents such as Washington, Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln see these sales in the whole spectrum of their terms of Presidency?  I suggest they would not be amused.....



Yes, it snowed!!  YIPPEE!!  It's the first snow that has stuck in a few years and the first snow that has not melted as soon as it hit the ground since I moved into this house.  Now, I know it's NOTHING compared to the snows my northern j-land buddies get, but please, don't make fun of us down here in the south.  It is a great experience for us.  Some of the kids have never even seen snow!!  Tomorrow will be fun!  The kids will be talking about all the things they did... you know, taking an hour to get bundled up, going out to make a mini-snowman in about 10 minutes, then back into the house to play their X-boxes or play-stations.  For me, sign me up for movies, reading and staying warm! 


Thursday, February 9, 2006

Is it May already?

All the special ed teachers out there know about IEP's.  This is what each kid that receives any special ed services have in order to plan that student's school year.  Some special ed teachers are either doing inclusion or there may still be a few resource rooms out there somewhere.  As for me, I have what is called a self-contained classroom.  The difference as far as IEP's between having inclusion and self-contained classes is that self-contained classrooms cover all core areas and maybe even behavior issues.  Inclusion/resource IEP's cover reading and/or math.  And, I have 25 kids.  The IEP's that I have to write are no less than 10 pages, most are longer.  Each IEP requires a meeting with parents, students, special ed teacher, gen ed teacher, LEA, and any other person that gives the student any services.  This involves scheduling around all these people's schedules. 

My IEP 'season' begins next month and will last about 6 weeks.  In one month, I'll be buried in more paperwork than a paper mill should ever be allowed to produce.  Not only will I have to attend to these 25 IEP's, but the IEP's for the kids coming into my program.  The list I received today contains seven names.  Last year, I got two names and ended up with five new kids. 

My real complaint is I will not get to spend much time with my kids.  I love working with the kids!  They are the reason I am supposed to be there!   Also, I can't believe there are only about 3 1/2 months until the end of school.  This year is flying by........   After IEP 'season' there will only be about four weeks left.....  and then, it's over for the year....... 

                                                Meeting_in_Progresstn_.jpg 2.3K        

Sunday, February 5, 2006

What type of weather are you?

You Are Sunshine


Soothing and calm
You are often held up by others as the ideal
But too much of you, and they'll get burned

You are best known for: your warmth

Your dominant state: connecting


Great.... little Miss Sunshine.....    What about you?

What Type of Weather Are You?

In the Heat of the Night

Today is Super Bowl Sunday as most of you know.  People are getting their dips and chips, ribs, wings, pizza, sodas and beer together to watch the largest viewed football game of the year. 

I have always looked forward to Super Bowl Sunday myself.  Although I might tune into the game at different points, I usually look at the schedule and see what else is on.  Usually, Ted Turner has had the forethought to run classic tv shows to celebrate SBS. (Yes, I can hear your groans.....)  In the past, it was the Andy Griffith show, Matlock, or some other southern-turned tv show.  And we would watch.

We= my son, Charlie, and I.  He was a lover of those shows and since he rarely asked for anything, we watched them.  His favorite was Andy Griffith show.  I swear, I have seen every episode ever made, including the last season where they were in color. 

Charlie was a late bloomer when it came to speech and verbal expression.  One of the best things about watching these shows gave him a vocal outlet.  When he became nervous about a situation, he would list the characters of one of the shows and I would have to repeat them.  The more nervous he became, the louder the names. 

This year for SBS, it's 'In the Heat of the Night.'  I will watch and have sweet memories of a child who asked for very little, but could list every character because he loved them.  Sometimes, there is nothing like watching Bubba run down the bad guys....

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Don't Make Me Get My Corn Dog!

As many of you know, I am a special education teacher for a high school class made up of kids that are learning functional life skills such as using a washing machine, oven, reading signs, menus and how much a nickel is worth.  I love it!  It's much more fun that worrying about the grad exam and how many times some kid has to take algebra 1 when he or she can't multiply. 

It has it's down side, too.  Most teachers get duty-free lunches at least at some times during the year.  We don't.  We eat early in order to help students with portions on the food bar, make sure they get napkins and don't put 10 tablespoons of sugar or Sweet-N-Low in their ice water.  Then, when everyone is settled, we can get our trays and begin our lunch as we keep an eye on the kids.  By this time, a lot of the kids are already finished with lunch. 

Monday, all the kids had gotten their tray and was eating.  I couldn't wait to get mine.  We were having corn dogs and I don't eat them very often, but they were the perfect lunch for me that day.  As I sit down, and empty mustard packets (must have lots of mustard.....) one of the kids came from the food area with two additional milks.  And it goes something like this:

ME:  "Hank (not his real name), did you pay for those milks or let one of the ladies know you got them?"

Hank, who has speech impediment:  "I put my number in"  (the keypad doesn't work with the new lunchroom computers as of yet).

ME: "Hank, the keypad doesn't work.  You need to tell L or M you got two milks."

Hank (in a very loud voice): "I am TIRED OF TALKING!  I put my numbers in!!  I'm not going to tell them!"

Well, according to the group of other adults sitting there, this was about the time I started pointing my corn dog at him.

ME:  "Come on, we have to let them know you are getting the extra milks.  If you don't that is stealing. "

Hank: (is mumbling, clearly not happy with the situation, but apparently notices I am shaking the corn dog in his direction...) "OK, Ms. Jackie"

After the situation has been dealt with and I have returned to my seat, my friend, Lisa (who is over In School Suspension) leans over and says, "Someday, will you teach me to use the corn dog?"