Saturday, May 17, 2008


As I mowed the grass today, I had plenty of time to reflect upon this past year. This upcoming Monday is the graduation for our classroom. A year ago, my back was so out of whack that the weekend before graduation I was taking all kinds of medications and almost non-mobile. In fact, I called a few of my friends and left messages. One friend called back just so I could hear my message. "Don't bother," I told him. "I do remember when I left it I had to replay what I had said because I lost track of what I was talking about!" Another friend just said, "Yep, she's taking meds!"

A year later, I am push-mowing the grass when I could almost not get to the bathroom. That, I feel, is an improvement! Also, last year, I was so grieving my mom's death. I had a few pity parties while on those meds, too. I still miss her, but at least I can get through most days without crying for her.

I know I've been lax about reading/commenting on your journal entries. It's not because I don't care (yeah, I'm sending the luv...)... I've just not been home very much. The weekend after St. Augustine, my friend Bo and I went down to Orange Beach. His wife's family has a house down there. It's nice and only about a 1/4 mile from the Bama-Flora line. Last weekend, I went up to Indiana with cousin and her hubby to see family. Great Trip!! (Thanks, T for the food, fun and family!) That Friday night after we all had dinner and the other part of the family went home, we played Wii. There were 5 of us girls aged 40-60ish playing. What a hoot!

I had planned to put some pics in for you, but just after I finished editing, AOL had other plans and poof. They were gone. I'm not loading them back up again today. Maybe next week.