Monday, November 26, 2007


I've had a lot of questions about the forefinger from readers who are not from this area.

Last year was the thumb year, meaning Auburn had 5 wins over Alabama in the Iron Bowl.  Hold up one hand with 4 fingers showing.... what's missing?? The Thumb!

Now hold up the other hand along with the first hand. Show 1 finger. Which finger is it? FOREFINGER!! Meaning 6 wins over Alabama!

This year was a really great game with Auburn winning 17-10!

Last week at school before we let out for the Thanksgiving holiday, co-teacher and I had the students claim their team (Alabama or Auburn) along with their prediction of the outcome. We had all kinds of predicted scores including one that was 1001-100. However we did have ONE student hit on the correct winner and score. It was our ELL student, Jose*!

*Name changed to protect the innocent!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

For All My Alabama Friends


Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After...

I went to Cousin's house for Thanksgiving and I'm still here. There were a bunch of cousins that came over, plus Sister and her hubby up from Atlanta, and Daddy came up as well. It was a day that was filled with love, fun and fantastic food! I really have to say, there were a couple of times I expected to turn around and see my Mom.

I've not written much about missing Mom, but I sure have these last eight months. More than I ever knew I would. I've also learned a lot about what made her tick. A lot more. Missing pieces and the answers of so many questions I never knew I had have been answered. I only wonder how many more answers I'll find without knowing the questions. It is like getting to know the real inner person she would not (or could not?) share with me. Same with my Dad. Except Dad as a different type of adult.

Deep subject.  Life is different.

I'm headed home tomorrow and expect to get back in time to watch that ol Bama favorite, the Iron Bowl. Yep, Meg knows what I'm talking about. The football game that most Alabama natives watch, even if they don't watch another game of the year. Auburn, Alabama.   Vote in my poll.

Have a good Saturday, everyone. Let me know if you need any ideas about my Christmas gift you'll be shopping for sometime the next few weeks.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I hope everyone has a warm, loving and safe holiday! Oh yeah, don't forget to have some fun!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Expectations Unlimited!

Today was our annual Invention Convention. This is where the kids are given an assignment to create something. Anything. We had 9 out of 22 kids participate. Not bad odds since it was better than last year. The winner was a CD Tower made out of a bed post. This same kid won first prize last year as well for a Wheelchair Keyboard Holder. His ideas are original and creative, but to look at him you would never expect it. Also, in addition to the CD tower, he made a poster of perimeters and greater than, less than!! I was so tickled because that is one of the things we have to cover according to the State Dept as it is passed down from our Federal Gov. thanks to No Child Left Behind where we will leave many behind.

Ooooppps... did I type that out loud??  Oh well, they know it.

Oh yeah, back to the inventions. We had a poster that showed prom fashions then (1987 & 1997) compared to now (2007). Another poster showed characters from 'Smallville' and another is one of the girl's favorite country music singers. We had a family tree, complete with pictures, and one girl made a scrapbook of her dogs from newborn until now. One boy made a couple of drawings of space crafts that will travel at mach speed.

Each kid had to give a presentation to explain their invention. I was very proud of each and every one of them! This just shows we should never underestimate even those we think of as mentally challenged. It never fails that they will always surprise you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An invitation... of the aged...

Well, it's official. I thought the nice people would at least wait until the big 5-0 hit. Nope, it's here, 17 months early.

"What", you might be asking yourself, "are you talking about?"

Birthday card? nope  Lottery? nope.....

An invitation to join AARP!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life's Little Offbeat Tricks

I'm sure most of you have heard the saying, "He/She got up on the wrong side of the bed." It seems there are times this applies to me. Unfortuately, there are times I don't even realize this... until something happens and it occurs to me that I have been a royal bitch, a real pain the in the backside of many people. I can go back and pinpoint certain times that I have had moments of not being to nice and  not even realized. This week. It's been happening this week. I have been the president of 'Bitches 'R' Us'. I realized it other day. I hate it when I get like this. I've been like this a lot this school year.   


This three day weekend got here just in time. 

My goal this coming week? To be a nicer bitch.  

 You Rock  Yes  Great  Thumbs Up  Well Done  Clapping Hands Bravo

Midnight at the oasis...after a morning with Boston!

It's not even 6:30 PM but feels like midnight. I might have wondered where the day went if I had not gotten up early and drove down to Cullman for a few hours. Of course, that was this morning. And a beautiful day it was around here! The temperture was just perfect with the sun shining in. A Boston CD with the windows down, driving as fast as I dared on the old country road. Yes, a silly, pre-pubescent thing to do... but still fun! Some things just never change....

Speaking of Boston, one of the best concerts I ever attended in the late 70's! Lots of 'smoke' and packed to the max! I found this little piece of a flash of the past...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blue Bags and Full Speed Ahead!

I can not imagine what the world is coming to when I can find about 40 different styles of pink camouflage purses, but yet, nary a nice navy leather purse. Cousin seems to be finding the same problem with navy shoes. It seems unreal considering the use of blue jeans has not declined. Looking at the time of this post, you might think I am loosing sleep over it, but I'm not. Nor am I in extreme need of a new purse.

Remember the post about my former student that went to China for the International Special Olympics? He is back (ok, he's been back... I've just not posted!!) He did VERY well in his races in the track & field bringing home 2 silver and 1 bronze!! He entered three races and won a metal in all three! WTG, Cody!! He stopped by school this week and told us about some of the things he saw. I asked him if he wanted to go back to China to visit. He answered with a quick, "NO!" but added he was glad he had the chance to go.  We are so very proud of him at school! He certainly is a different person than he was 4 years ago when I first met him.

Thanks to all that have clicked on the link to my previous link. Last night the reality of breast cancer came rushing to me unexpectedly. Sister's sister-in-law had to have a mastectomy yesterday. I certainly hope she fully recovers and soon. She is only in her very early 40's and her husband have 3 young children.

This morning's news includes more recalls for toys made in China containing lead as well as a warning about Aqua-Dots that chemically changes into that of a similar to a date rape drug. Makes you want to go hhhhhmmmmm....  Seems to becoming a pattern.... Those homemade rag dolls are beginning to look pretty good, aren't they?

We have Veteran's Day coming up. No matter how you have ever felt about any of the wars going on now or in the past, we need to send the love and thanks to those who put their lives on the line (or died in the line) of duty.  (((((HUG A VET)))))   I plan on doing it in person this weekend. My dad was inthe Korean 'conflict', one of my friend's dad was in WWII (and has a purple heart!) and Chuck who does 'Dribble' journal, And Mary's father (Just Mary). Cousin's hubby is Viet Nam vet, as well as many of you, including The Dog, and JimS (Jimmy's Journal). Jimmy's nephew was killed in action in the ever current Iraq war. I am sure I have missed someone I read, but the brain isn't working that well yet.

Well, time to hit the showers and get to school. It is "Girl's Day" as the boys are going to an away volleyball game this morning. Sexist, you might say. No. The girls don't care anything about playing and we do 'girl' stuff while the guys are gone. Fun stuff. Did I ever post the picture of me after receiving a facial and make-up job from one of my girls? NO? And I won't!! LOL  Have a great Thursday!!