Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taking a poll...

Ok... I have a question for all you out there, male/female,  doesn't matter if you are married or single...  And everyone really is different about what they like and that's cool... so, here is the question of the evening...

What is it about a person that attracts you to a person when you first see or meet them?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Travel: It Ain't What It Used To Be

I've told you a little about my trip while in Pittsburgh, but not about the travel part. You should know by know, nothing is easy.....

This was my first time to fly since 9-11. I was a prepared traveler. I had gotten my e-mail about the increased travel alert, what I could/couldn't take on the plane. I learned from my youth, it's just better to follow the directions and go with the flow. I left all the forbidden contraban at home. I knew I had to take my shoes off and wore quick and easy shoes.

I'm in Huntsville at 5:00AM  to make my 7:00 flight. I am standing in line, boarding pass and ID in hand. I go up to the trays, put in my carry-on bag, another tray for purse and shoes.... then walk through the metal detector.  BBBEEEEEPPPPPP...  Oh cr*p! I left my keys in my pocket... throw those onto one of the trays. The guy proceeds to tell me if I beep again I will have to go "OVER THERE".... Of course, it beeps again and I have to go through a plexi-glass shoot where there are rugs with feet on them and a chair. Two women come over and one of them is snapping on her blue latex gloves (I swear I thought I saw a gleam in her eye.).  WTF??  I hated to tell her this, but we were NOT going to do a full body cavity search for the entertainment of others unless I'm getting paid rather handsomely for it!  Well, needless to say, I should have worried about something else. As she passed the wand over me, it beeped like is some odd places. A LOT. I swear I began to wonder if I had metal plates inserted and had forgotten about it!  She has to 'pat me down' to find the metal. Turns out it was my belt with the little studs on it (who knew??) and the hooks on my bra (didn't even have underwires... Mental Note: next time, no bra!)

After I have gathered my stuff, put my shoes on, I walk to the gate. Aaawww.. thank goodness... no one around. I can pull myself together a little.  I am watching CNN about John Mark Karr killing Jon Bennett (of course he's from Alabama... like we don't have enough problems with our reputation) and a woman walks by. She is dragging a bag that is about 3 feet  x 3 feet and it is stuffed to the max!  I look over at my little pink carry-on and just sigh.  She sits about 5seats down from me.  A little time passes and I hear her talking. At first, I don't much of it because I live alone and.... oops, TMI.   OK, back to her....  I know she can't be talking to me... I glance over and she has a smaller bag with a towel over it.  She keeps holding the towel up and talking to the bag...  I never could understand what she was saying... but I was glad she wasn't talking to me.....

I will say, after I boarded in Huntsville, I had no more issues.  The moral to this story?? Sometimes, it's just getting started that is a pain.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trip to Pittsburgh

I've not written much about my trip this past week, but as someone mentioned, my trips do seem to have a fiction flair. I am here to assure you, this trip was very real! To prove it, I've added some pictures for your enjoyment!  Too Happy 2 

Most of the pictures are down at "The Point". The fountain was huge as you can see and Heinz Stadium is in the background of one of the pics. One of the pics is the back of a wedding party having their pics made (we wanted to tell them to "Just Say NO!" but they had already gotten married!)  

We went to Steelers' pre-season game and saw Polamalu and Roethlisberger play the first quarter. Our seats were GREAT!! They were on the 45 yard line, row X.  Honey, we were so close you could almost smell the sweat from the testosterone clad bodies.    Hi Ya 

Football.... You gotta love it!! Football 7 


Pittsburgh folks, Thanks for everything!!  I had a great time and can't wait for us all to get together again!!  And Somerville folks, thanks for all you did!!  I love you all!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

But I Wore My Game Toes!!

Hi Guys!!  Got back from my Pittsburgh trip last night.  I had about a 3 hour delay in leaving the 'Burgh and was about 11:30 when I finally walked into the house last night. 

Fun time. Game was disappointing due to bad call on Ref's part. Replay showed it was bad call. Idiot.

Just had to share the game toes MA did for me. Really cool!!

I had a wonderful time with my buds, but it's been a long day... I'll get back with some fun facts and stories a little later!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Special Olympics

I'm sure many of you have heard about Special Olympics and know a little about the activities. My class participates in volleyball, basketball and track/field trips and it's a blast! The big news is this:  One of the kids in my class was selected from all the gold medal track and field winners from this past May to travel, all expenses paid, to China in October, 2007!!  Yes, you read it right! And yes, it's China, the country (just in case there is any question about it!)  The kid hasn't decided if he will go as of yet. We'll find out next week!

I'll keep you guys posted!!    

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just another entry

I got a phone call this morning from my neighbor. Her husband died early, early Thursday morning. He had been very ill for some time and just a few weeks ago found out he had cancer. There is not a good thing to say to the surviving family and believe me, I've heard some doozies!  But, I'll save those for another journal entry.

Anyway, his memorial service was this afternoon. It was nice.  Short and sweet. And the plus to going is the church didn't cave when I walked inside.  Actually, I think it's a miracle any day I can make it home without many bumps or bruises. I'm not sure why, but I seem to be a walking magnet for accidents and such. I think the days I arrive home unscathed is because of the Wonder Woman bracelets I wear. BTW, they are invisible to those with only human abilities. I often misplace them because of that fact. 

Back to the orginal subject... Gonna miss you Bob! You were one of the good guys! 

Thursday, August 10, 2006

School: First day of the year... only 179 more till Summer Vacation!

Yep, that's what I said... only 179 days till Summer Vacation....  I really do love my job, but the first day of school and got home only 12 hours later...  Well, here's how it goes:

Armed with a cup of double strength expresso, a change of shoes, and a first day of school outfit, and my lunch, the morning was absolutely CHAOTIC!!  And then the parents left after about 39 minutes.... I started to change to 30, but heck, 39 is probably closer to the truth... BRB, my dinner is burning....

OK, back.... after the last mom came back in with tears streaming down her face  because she just couldn't bear to little her little precious, interrupting class just one more time to give kisses, everything just kinda fell into place. That is, for the first day. (BTW, this is not a pre-school, kindergarten, or even elementary school... it is a high school.)

We have about 8 or 9 Freshman in our room this year and they are all good kids. So far. If you have ever worked with kids before, you know that's true until the next full moon or tornado is blowing down your door. Yes, I know we just had a full moon and it's still, or was last night, rather full.  Doesn't count. Not at all. It's the days BEFORE the full moon that makes it all frightful.  But it's ok.... I usually come of it with a few good stories....

So, why so late??  What do you think?  Paperwork.  I think sometimes adults need to find a hobby other than coming up with something new that needs to be counted, observed, written, re-counted, re-written, and then, just when you get the hang of it, change all the 'rules'....  bastards...

But, on another note, I really had a great day with the kids!  The returning kids always change so much during the summer it's so fun to see how they have matured... 

I can't wait until tomorrow!!!

*Disclaimer:  The expresso and shoes made the day go much smoother. Most of the lunch is still at school in the fridge due to no time to eat it.  Actually, it really was a good first day of school.  Yes, I do like the kids. No, I'm not ugly to them.  Well, at least as far as this goes!  lol 

P.S. To ST and you know who you are...... SSsssshhhhh!  And thanks for the help this afternoon.  It was appreciated!!!


Friday, August 4, 2006

Hair: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Or is it?

One of the blogs I read on a regular basis had me rolling in the floor other day!  Wonder Dyke    It also reminded of something I did when I was a kid....

When I was about 14 or 15, my sister (who is 8 years younger than myself) wanted her hair cut or trimmed (don't really remember right now)....  I volunteered  my services.  After all, how hard could it really be??  We got all the tools we needed, and got started... and it didn't go well. Uneven on one side, then had to trim the other side to make it even. Then snip, cut, trim..oops, need to even it up on the other side... It was awful!!  I really did feel bad and she was so pissed at me for a long time!!! 

It wasn't funny then, but it sure as hell is now! 

Yes, she is speaking to me again.........

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

The Acorn People

     'The Acorn People' by Ron Jones, is a book I finished reading last night.  The original copyright date is 1976.  Only 79 pages and that includes several double pages of art.  Quick and easy read!

    The book is about a guy who is a camp counselor one summer, expecting kids that can somewhat take care of themselves. What he gets is a group of kids with special needs (handicapped, so says the book).  This apparently is the summer his life changes.  Set in a camp where it is pre-IDEA, it relates the struggles and accomplishments of both campers and counselors.

     The brief couple of paragraphs that describe the author, Ron Jones, says he founded the Zephyros Educational Exchange in San Francisco in 1972.  This exchange a non-profit organization for parents, artists and teachers.  After a very brief search, I found no information on the Internet.  Has anyone ever heard of it and does it still exist??  If you have any information, please let me know!!!!