Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Father's Day went very well. Dad and I had lunch together, just barely beating all the other 'church folk' to a little restaurant that is older than me. Afterwards, we did a couple of things together and had a great time together!

I've been going to the chiropractor (he specializes in non-surgical procedures) a couple of times a week and I've been successfully getting feeling back in calf and foot. I've been (almost) faithful in doing all the exercises. I have a mental block about having back surgery that deals with the spinal cord. Chalk it up to having way to much experience with paraplegic issues to know what could happen!

I'm up in Tennessee at the moment spending time with my cousin. Hence, "Town Talk" on the radio. It's a call in show where anyone can call in and discuss (for a short time) any subject you want. So far this morning, I've heard prayer requests for loved ones, opinions about the attention Paris Hilton has gotten, the joys of a new, 'cute, little' Wal-Mart located somewhere (I missed that part), and who-saw-who-where.  All in all, it makes where I live seem up-town.

Any-who.... very little rain around here(actually, at home). For the month of June, we have received less than 1/2" of rain and we are 19" below the yearly normal. I have a feeling we won't catch up this year. George W. flew into the area last week to have a short tour of the local TVA nuclear plant and to see the damage the drought has caused. My friend, Bo, made a picture of Air Force 1, but it isn't a great picture or I would post it. I might anyway after I get home.

Everyone take care and be safe where ever you are!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Just a quick acknowledgment to all our dad's out there in J-Land. I hope you guys have a great time with your off-spring.  Just remember, it's not about gift you get, but the quality time you have with your kids! 

My dad has always been there for me, although sometimes, he needed my mom to shove him into the right direction!  I think that is just because of the difference in the male/female way of thinking.  I think sometimes he wished she had not shoved him so hard <grin>, but these days, he wishes she were here even if she shoved even harder!  I couldn't have asked for a better dad!! Thanks DAD!

BTW, I'm going to meet my dad for lunch!!

This commercial cracked me up every time I saw it this year!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I guess this is your lucky day!

Well, thanks to Jimmy, I 'repaired' my journal. It's all with the new picture stuff...  Sometimes, there is no good reason for change, ya know??  LOL

I've taken a break from my summer vacation by taking a computer class that is supposed to make my job a little easier. (Yeah, right... they have been saying that for years....)It's only four days (ends on Thursday afternoon), but it's been kinda fun. There are several other teachers from the school where I teach and the instructor is a real hoot! He is a good lookin' young thang that teaches in my school system. Good thing he decided he likes our wierd little group of older women!  In fact, our 'lunch group' grew from four yesterday to six today! Who knows? By Thursday, we might have everyone going to lunch with us! And you know lunch is the most fun meal of the day! Especially in our group!

Thanks again, Jimmy!      Come have lunch with us!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Testing, 1,2,3...

This is just a test. Only a test. If it had been a real journal entry, it might say something important. Or not.  Only on your lucky day, I guess....

As a single woman, I don't go grocery shopping very often. I might hit a store here or there a couple times a month. Sometimes, I buy lots of food or other stuff I need and then, other times, I just pass it up.

Today, I stopped by the Wal-Mart and was just shocked by the increase of prices since my last visit! Over $2 for half-gallon of milk that I rarely use up completely? Heck, soda is cheaper than that!

We all know it's the gas prices that are pushing up the price of everything else. We need a solution. I don't know what it is, except, I'm trying to do my part in making fewer trips, and all the other things one does. I don't buy Chevron, BP, or Exxon, but sometimes Shell (because it's convenient at times). 

I am at a loss as to a reasonable solution other than what I am already doing. If you have a suggestion, please leave it. I, as an unhappy consumer will be willing to make a few changes. 

And no, I won't buy and milk my own cow (although, I know how to do it and have!).... 


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Garden: It Grows In Spite of Me


In spite of my pinched sciatic nerve, no rain for about a month, and very little watering this year, the flower garden is surviving.  Just imagine what it would look like if I had actually been able to do something with it!  No sunflower blooms yet, but one very beautiful canna lily to call my own!