Thursday, September 27, 2007

And it's almost over....

The dreaded Thursday Parent-Teacher Conference Day 2007 has come to an end. I don't know why I dread it each year. So far, it has never been terrible. I think one of the reasons has been because of the full moon this week. I've certainly felt it...

Homecoming week/game: We are having 2 pep rallies tomorrow. One, because our school won the "Pep Rally of the Week" with one of the local television stations. The other is something traditional. We go up to the football field where the homecoming half-time show is practiced and the whole school can watch. Always a great way to end homecoming week.

And then.... the weekend.. aaaawww... yes...

The class was gathered together for a combined class. The other teacher was reviewing animal traits and species during science. He thought since our farm field trip is next week, he would discuss farm animals. After asking several students to verbally describe a few of the animals found on the farm, he asks another student for the description of a cow. With an air of disgust, the student replies, "Do I have to get on the floor?"  It took a few seconds for the teachers to regain control of themselves!    


And now, for your listening pleasure, something from my high school days.....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just another Monday in the land of Osmosis

Another week has begun....

              Thursday is Parent-Teacher Conference day.....

                             We are there until 5:30 on Thursday.........

                                                                                All of us.......

                              Homecoming week, toooooooooo.............

Just a thought for all you people with no kids that think parenting is easy:


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Everyday: An Adventure

I met Dad for dinner tonight. Usually, we meet on Fridays, but he has plans with his girlfriend. That's cool. By Friday afternoons, I am done, ka-put, tired, over it!

After dinner, I stopped by the dollar store to pick up batteries for the remote at school. While there, I see an employee rush back and whisper to another one. They both rush to the front.... then, I hear "Let me out!"  

OOooopppss, another shop-lifter caught. But wait... it gets better.

The manager won't let her leave. The shoplifter tells her daughter (who is in line) to leave with her. Daughter tells mom it's not her problem.    Ok. The daughter and the shoplifter talk. Daughter tells her take her stuff out, she's caught and going to jail. It just goes on and on.... 

Finally, a cop arrives.

Shoplifter says, "Oh Jason, it figures it's you!" 

The cop said, "I should have known you were involved!"

It must be nice to be on a first-name basis with your arresting officer. 


Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend has come and gone with the wind!

Sister came in from Atlanta Saturday morning. We went to Hartselle for 'Depot Days' for a day out. There were lots of venders, tractor and car shows. Saturday night, Sis, Dad and I went to 'Night of Bands' where the county bands come out to our school to show what they can do. Sister loves it because she was in the band in high school as well as her husband.... in fact, they met in band.  She understands all the hard work that goes into all the shows.

                                                      I'm so glad they are that talented, but then, so am I... I can play the radio and stereo as well as anyone and better than some!    

The last band to perform was UNA Pride of Dixie band. What a terrific sound they have!! If you have never heard a college band, you should give it a try.

We didn't do a lot today. She watched some of her 'Soaps' 

() while I got stuff ready for school this week. She left just after we had dinner.... It was a good visit!

OJ's back into the news. Surprised? No, me either. I'm rather interested in reading the book he wrote that was given to the Goldman family. I have wondered about his kids by Nicole and hope they are doing well. I hope their lives have not been as screwed up as I think they probably are. Sometimes, adults do some really dumb things that make kids lives miserable. Perhaps those adults checked their brain at the door.....

I found this YouTube entry of UNA's band from last year. I was going to post it as you normally would with a YouTube entry, but embedding has been disabled. Hopefully you can get to it through this: YouTube - '06 UNA Pride of Dixie Marching Band Part 1   Just a note, they sound much better in person!!

Toodles to all!!




Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Wedding Church - Part 2

Mother looked at both Cousin M and me, then motioned for us to leave with her. She poked dad on the arm, but he didn't pay any attention to her. Mother, Cousins M and A, Charlie and myself left. It was a relief to leave and get some fresh air. The incense had been overwhelming.

With all of us in tow, Mother went to the building next to the church we had just left. She was met by a woman of no distinct position and was then lead to another room. Curious, we followed closely behind. In the room, Mom walked up to a bulletin board, placed a name card with my dad's name on top of a business card with the name of the church we had just left. She then pierced both cards with a pin. With that, she was done.

Outside, we gathered into a small group. With questions filling our heads, the temptation to ask them was blocked by the desire to allow Mother to do the deeds she felt obligated to do. We trudged on to the next building and it was the same as before. After that, we went from building to building, Mother piercing only the business cards from the church with Dad's name card on top. It had almost a revengeful act with a sense of a voodoo twist to it. But, we knew enough to know better than to question her antics.

Afterward, we found a resting place under a tree. Mother seemed exhausted and glad for the rest. Mother then looked at all of us, but then focused on me. She explained to me she knew I was curious about her actions, but she needed to do those acts in order to protect my dad from becoming immersed in things that he had no understanding. She continued to tell me she knew at some point I would have the understanding I needed in order to continue. I just nodded in agreement and told her I have better understanding now than before. I hugged her and Charlie...... then they were gone....

The End

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Wedding Church

Cousin M and I went into the church and it was packed with people. As we looked around, I saw other cousin, Ta and her daughter, Tr off on the left side of the building. We couldn't get to them because of so many people. After we settled into a 'standing only' section, I began to really look at the people. Some of the guys were dressed in the typical Zorro outfit you see in the movies. WTF? Whatever make them happy, I guess. I began to look around. The church was large, with ceilings that were three or four stories tall. The traditional icons and gold fixtures were in place, typical of some type of Greek Orthodox churches.

Cousins Ta and Tr didn't see us. After all, Tr was getting married here tomorrow and all these people where here as a part of the pre-wedding ceremony. Cousin M and I tried to scan the audience for a glimpse of other family. Finally, we see them up on the right side of the church, just a few pews from the alter. We made our way over and forward. Thank goodness the ceremony had not started yet. It seemed as if we would never make it up to the front when suddenly, a priest came out and requested about six members of the audience make selections. What? Cousin M and I just looked at each other, both wondering, 'for what?' People were getting up and moving toward the center of the church, making it easier for us to navigate through. Suddenly, there was a huge tent in the center of the church with all the selected people standing underneath. There were men at each corner, holding the posts up while people made their way to the tent. The top of the tent had windows all around. I glanced back to watch where I was walking, then glanced back to look at the tent. The people were now up at the top of the tent, looking out the windows. Cousin M and I just looked at each other. No words were needed.

Cousin M and I made it to where the family was sitting. Cousin M's daughter, Cousin A was there, as well as, mom, dad and Charlie. They didn't say anything, but just looked at us with a rather painful look on their faces. I looked toward the alter and saw they had two displays. One was a tribute to 'Green Acres' with the head of Eva Gabor in a glass case (I was hoping it was just a wax head and not the real thing..) along with a few live chickens. The other display was a tribute to 'Gilligan's Island'. There were a few coconuts and some boat equipment there. All I knew was, we had to get out of there!

To be continued.....