Saturday, December 31, 2005

The New Year's Pledges

Well people, it's that time of the year again.  Call it what you want, resoultions, pledges, promises, etc., it's all the same.  On the last day of the year, we take a good, hard look at ourselves during the past 364 (or 365 if it's been Leap Year).  What is it we have not liked about ourselves and what are we going to do to change those things? 

 New Year's Day can be a new beginning, I guess.  Most people seem to put losing weight on their list.  (Yeah....... right after the football games and all the chips/dip and buffalo wings w/ ranch or bleu cheese and beer you can scarf down.) 

Next on the list is excerise.  Dang, we all know you have to do it.  You can even get mad at your trainer, machines, and friends that promised to be your buddy in this adventure, but yet always seem to cop out on you.  Doesn't matter.  It's a habit you have to get into. 

I used to have drinking/smoking on my lists at one time.  I gave up smoking on day in the summer about 8 years ago.  A waste of money and a crutch.  Have I wanted another one?  hhhhmmm... rarely.... maybe once or twice in that.  Now, it makes me want to puke.....   I still have a drink every once in a while, but not often.  I don't get sh*t-f*c*d; I'm to old and out of practice for that and to be honest, it's not pretty. I remember seeing a girl at a party about 10 years ago sick as dawg. She wasn't pretty during that time when her boyfriend was holding her hair while she <you know> and then the crying afterward.  OMG!  If you ever want to stop drinking, my advice is to be sober and watch someone do those things.  <advice: if you really want to quit drinking, just imagine you in their place... not pretty... it's enough to make you change>           I guess those are my true success stories.  But, as a disclaimer to this whole entry: Not done because of a pledge to myself on the first day of the year.

If I have to make a pledge, promise or resolution to myself, it's this:  Be the best, fair, kind, honest, yet stand up for your beliefs type of person I can be.  Acknowledge those people around you that make your life livable, fun, true.  Give a pat on the back when earned and a kick in the rump when needed.  Also, expect the same in return. 

Never fear, if you screw up Lent is right around the corner.  Take your confessions to Father Ray. He has a magic way of making you feel ok with it.  Maybe by the end of the 40 days, it'll have become a habit. 

I hope you have a wonderful 2006!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Animals of the South

Yes folks, these animals are found in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains,  actually, about 5 miles or so from where I live. Actually, this guy isn't the only camel in our area.  I know of one more about 5 miles in the other direction.  If you look at the red barn in the background, you will see a zebra.  Also, there is a llama but no pictures of him.  He (or she...) didn't come out until I was pulling away. 

I just think it's fascinating that somewhere, beneath the shadows of mountains live animals that normally live on other continents.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas and all through house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even that little mouse!

I waited with patience, I waited with self discipline,

I waited until I knew what would be my des-a-tine!

I jumped in the car and away I went,

I rolled into the parking lot, not thinking of money to be spent!

As I walked, and  I looked,

I should have known, I was hooked!

I found a little of this, a little of that,

What did I need?  Not shoes, wallet or hat!

It was all right there, all on sale,

I just couldn't find a thing, it all looked stale!

I left with a bag of salad, a small amount of grapes,

I didn't even look at the rack of tapes!

I checked out of the store and into the car I would pour,

I laughed when I left, I could stand it no more!

As I drove away, and then, out of sight,

I yelled 'Turkey salad is the dinner tonight!'     


Happy Day After Christmas!! 

Disclaimer: Does it really have to make a lot of sense??  It's poetic justice!! 






Friday, December 23, 2005

Laundry Baskets....

Laundry baskets are not just for laundry..... They should be in the 'top five' list of things that make your life easier!!  For example, just few minutes ago, I'm packing up the stuff I'm taking to the parent's house to cook, you know, all the heavy stuff.  Heavy duty bag just falls apart... Whatever will I do??  I go hunting my favorite 'carry-all' laundry basket.  I use it when I need to take a lot of things to school and other places.  What's so great about it??  It's lightweight, has handles, is rounded on one side to sit on my hip when I have to open doors and it fits into the car just nicely!  Easy in, easy out... my kind of easy....  AAAaawwww... the things to be grateful for this time of year....


Monday, December 19, 2005


Sometimes, I think life just passes me by.  What is all this about the issue of a politically correct Christmas??   I know, I know.... it is an issue and don't be mistaken when I say I can complain and have a fit just as well as the next person.  (No, I don't like it and you know, I really don't understand it, hence, the life passing thing...)  Here's the thing:  I'm just not in the mood to complain about it right now.  I sat down to write some big long whining thing, but heck NO!  I refuse to let those few people that are trying to change the spirit of my (and your) Christmas!!  Get out there people!!  Sing the old songs as loud as you can!  Sing them until you have no voice left!!  Tell EVERYONE you see MERRY CHRISTMAS and if they don't like it, they can just get over it.  I mean, what are they going to do?  Turn you into the Christmas PC Cops?  Well, maybe..... but just remember this.... IT'S YOUR HOLIDAY, PEOPLE!  You can call it whatever you want as well as those guys that are complaining about it....  We should let them be the ones that are politically incorrect....  Think about it....

OK, I didn't really whine.  I just made a couple of statements.  Now, I'm going to take a nap! 

Oh yeah, I forgot, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

Friday, December 9, 2005

The Spirit of Christmas

   The kids I teach are ages 15-21 and have a child's mind within the body of an adult.  This can be difficult for those who have never been exposed to this population.  After the shock wears off, most find these kids to be fun, humorous, easy-going, and unconditional with their love.  This is the most fun anyone can have and still get paid! 

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at the sheltered workshop where many adult people with mental retardation work.  What excitement in the air!!  For some of the employees that work there, especially the older ones, this will be the only Christmas they will have.  They were excited!!  Presents to open, bags filled with favorite treats, socks, hats, gloves, mugs, trinkets of all kinds brought rounds of laughing and excitement!!  How easy to satisfy these simple people!  They do not realize the difference between the price of  a squishy ball and a diamond ring!  In fact, most of them had rather have the squishy ball!!  How refreshing it is to be able to satisfy someone with so little.....   For me, tonight brought back the true meaning Christmas.... It's not how much, big, expensive or perfect the present, it's the simplistic gifts that bring the brightest spots of happiness!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Customer Service: Is that not taught anymore?

I worked retail for many, many years.  One of the things that was always preached was customer service!  Smile, acknowledge the customer, be helpful, assist as needed, etc. 

I stopped by Kroger's to pick up a couple of things in case I had to throw a dish together for some function.  I shopped, got in check-out line, and put my things on conveyor belt.  The guy just started checking my items...... WHILE he proceeded to have a conversation with the bagger about time off at Christmas.  Never said hello or acknowledged me in any way.  Their conversation lasted the whole time he was checking me out.  Finally pay time and I want a little extra cash. I run the debit card through (debit cards machines are a whole 'nother entry!!), do the pin number, wait and then the next step is different than all the others (of course).  It just says, is this amt ok or do you want cash?  There was no clear button for cash, they looked like the same button. (their conversation is continuing.....) and I click a button.  OF COURSE, it's the WRONG button!!  And the checker rather moaned, eyes rollin' in his head, says, 'Ma'am, you cancelled it!!!'.... Conversation with bagger continues.... I go through the debit routine again, just pressed anything to get out of there so I don't have to hear the whining of the bagger about his right to have off days. Finally the sale goes through, and the bagger is finished as well.  He is stalking off  to find some soul who he thinks should be sympathetic and cares if he gets his days off.  Neither said, 'Thank you, Do you need help out to the car, Have a good day, etc....  This is why I do not go shopping at Christmas time..... And, another reason I don't work retail!! 

I went to the car, loaded it, and on the way home listened to the Vega Boys singing 'Sex on the Beach' as well as Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet singing 'Five O' Clock Somewhere'.  Another place, another time of year, and more fun stuff to do!! 

Sunday, November 27, 2005

   Well folks, here we are.  The last day of Thanksgiving break, the day before we have to go back to work.   Why does it seem these fun days are so short?  



Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just a bit of information.... I am using internet connection to read AOL mail and journal entries by everyone and guess what? NO BANNERS!! Isn't that interesting?? I guess if you don't pay for the service, you don't have to see the ads.... Peace, Love and Happiness!!! Jackie

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I just want to say I'm thankful for all of you this year!! Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Higher Standards??

As we all know, the banners have been causing a bit of stir among many of the J-Land Bloggers.  I read an blog earlier that carried this link:  Bank of America, Fleet pay $675 million fund settlement - Mar. 15, 2004 .....   As you know, this is one of the many advertisors that seems to be pasted across the top of  our blogs upon occasion.  I just wanted you guys to see their past.  I will say this is my favorite part of the article:

      Bank of America, which uses the promise of "higher standards" in its advertising campaign, has been caught up in various investigations.

And everyone thought Martha Stewart was a bad ass....  'It's a good thing!'

2nd Annual Invention Convention

   Friday in my classroom was the big event of fall for some of my kids.  It was the '2nd Annual Invention Convention'....  We had a variety of entries....  For example:  Alabama Plane, Auburn Plane, Speedster Plane, Steam roller, Mark Martin race car, Magic Trick, the Yin Yang Project (3 guys worked on that one), and a Camera, TV and Microphone.

   Each person (or group) had to demonstrate or explain about their invention.  The planes flew, the steam roller and race car worked,  the magic trick was a hoot and the project from the 3 kids was well organized, well presented, the kids were well spoken and the camera, tv and microphone needed a lot of imagination, but made with the excitement only a teacher can dream of!  Each entry won first place in their 'category' (can you believe that? hehe) 

  Let's talk about the camera, tv and microphone.... This invention won the award for BEST USE OF TAPE.  This kid loves to invent things. Last hear he made a 'Wheelchair Telephone'.  All of his projects consist of at least one main ingredient.  Tape.  Somehow, he can get anything to hold together with tape.  The invention this year had a wooden door stop taped to the side!!  Other parts used were boxes, paper, plastic cups and who knows what else!

  The only disappointment I felt about the 2nd AIC is no girls participated this year (I got into trouble for making participation a requirement last year, thanks to all those parents that live within a box with their little closed minds that get smaller and smaller with each breath of air they take in... but hey, the ring leader parent's kid didn't waste any time making something other day the minute he learned there was a prize involved..). 

  Last night I was chatting with a friend about life's goals and such.  I was asked what my goals were for the year 2010.  I can add to the typical list I gave to my friend.  I am adding to that list this: Hosting the 6th Annual Invention Convention!   

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Journal trial and error

Ok, this is just a trial run to see if the AOL-GTB (gods that be)  have finally fjound the snare in all this.....   if not.... what's next???????

The Big Rush Out

Well, it seems people are leaving J-land in droves.  Most of my favorite 'reads' have passed along their other links and that is ok.  It's much better than falling off the cyber mountain of life while people are wondering where the heck you went!!!  Thanks guys for sending those links!  I have dealt with the ads this way: When I first sign onto the journal, I just use the little 'roller' on the mouse about 1 notch.  I don't have to see it anymore!  I know it's not the point.  It would be nice if there has to be ads if we could just choose the ones we want to see.  For example:  I might choose Red Cross or United Way.  Oh wait, I forgot.... those organizations don't have money to spend on advertising on AOL.  My bad.
   Another thought I've had this week is this.  I wonder what has been happening in the main offices of AOL with all the people leaving.  My opinion is they expect after all is said and done, given a little time for those who will leave to go, things are expected to be back to normal.  New journalers will slide into favorite positions taking the place of Patrick, Jimmy, Wil, and Remo (just a few of my favorites that have chosen to use other sources...).  And yes, I may even decide at some point to join them out there....  

Friday, November 18, 2005

Does this really work?
I'm sick of this.... I want my journal back, AOL!!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Love, Peace and Happiness

 There is a little coffee shop I enjoy visiting sometimes.  The overall mood of the shop rather hints at heath food and old hippie stuff.  A friend decided to visit and then reported she could see me in there, being rather 'a hippie type of hang out place.'  Then THAT foot in the mouth look came over her and she began this sudden fury of apologies.  Not to worry, I assured her.  Although to young to be a true 'old hippie,' I do have those eclectic tastes (with the exception of the health food, needless to say!). I still have an original peace sign leather hair holder and will wear upon occasion that my hair is long enough to use, I still use the peace symbol sign (and mean it as 'peace' knowing our world will never see utopia as it was meant to be enjoyed...), and upon occasion when nothing else fits, a groovy might be heard to come out to fall upon the ears of those people nearby. 
     So, you are asking yourselves, what are the differences?  I do now realize rules and organizations have to be implemented in order for changes to occur, men in ties can be hot,  and over forty is not so bad after all. 

Peace, Love and Happiness, my friends!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday Six

This is my first time to answer Patrick's questions.  I love this set!!

Saturday Six - Episode 83

1. You are invited to spend a night, alone, in a large house that is believed to be haunted.  A close friend of yours whom you trust tells you of his or her own experience, and you have sufficient reason to believe that there may be a genuine haunting going on there.  Without promise of any kind of reward for staying the night, would you agree to do so?  I would have to stay, if nothing else, for the adventure of it... and besides, it may be someone I know! 

2. What do you most enjoy about your job?  The different and wonderful personalities of the kids! I enjoy them everyday!  (Except November 1, but that's another entry....)

3. Who was the last person you had a conversation with?  What was the main topic of the conversation?    Marion- We talked about Thanksgiving at her house.  Would I drive up on Wednesday?  Would I stay until through Friday?  Do we want to go shopping (NO!!!).  Do we want to visit estranged family members (this brought giggles from us both...)

4. Take this
quiz:   What kind of "smart" are you? I am all around smart... 'a well-rounded brain'... hey!  Matches the rest of me!!

5. What was the last food that you totally ruined -- to the point that it was inedible -- when trying to cook?   Rice with dill weed... I wept.

6. STRANGELY-OBSCURE QUESTION #1:  Ifyou had to do over again, would you change anything?   Yes, there are a couple of things I would do differently.... but then, of course, I wouldn't be the person I am today!


So, what about you??  How would you answer?

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Southern Speech

OK....  who ever said I didn't have a southern accent was wrong.  I just took this quiz and my score is:  83% Dixie.  They also added this little question:  Do you still use Confederate money??  The answer is no.  It ain't no good!  (Yes, I know.... that's a double negative....)  What about you?  I dare you to take the quiz and post your score!!  I can't wait to see just exactly how southern or yankee you are!! 

alphaDictionary * Free English Online Dictionary



Wednesday, November 2, 2005


 As you know, I started talking about temperature, thermometers and such yesterday.  I forgot to tell you about the interesting conversation I had with one of my students. After talking about how a thermometer works and telling the class to put their finger on the bulb of their student thermometer this is what happened:

Me: Is the red moving up?  Isn't that cool??

Class:  YES!!  (actually, it was more like 'yeah' but since I'm writing this I thought I'd add a little more enthusiasm.)

Student:  Ms. Jackie, I have a question.

Me: (All excited because this kid has been into this new subject and he always asks great questions!!) Yes, What's your question?

Student:  Why is this thermometer made in China?

So much for class!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

The Perfect Plan

     As some of you know, I think November 1st should be a legal holiday!  It's the day after Halloween, the kids come to school all buzzing on sugar and God knows what else.  I had the perfect plan (Thanks, Susan!)!  Unfortunately, it feel through.
     Plan A: The perfect plan consisted of a nature hike beginning with a quarter-mile walk up to the outdoor classroom.  Then on up to the nature trail behind the school to see what types of leaves, trees, pine cones, etc. we could find. As I mentioned above, it feel through.  For the first time in weeks, it rained. 
     Plan B: Stay in the classroom and learn about thermometers, degrees, the freezing and boiling points for water, and body temperatures. 
     I think ALL OF US would have been happier with Plan A!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


      There are so many things I could blog about.  I could put my two cents worth in about the war in Iraq, the devastation of Katrina, the earthquake in India/Pakistan as well as about a million and one-half other things that is happening all over the world.  

      However, today I feel the need to share with you my opinion about banjos.  Yes, I grew up in the South (Bama, did you guess it??) and have heard all kinds of music in my life.  When in high school about 29 years ago, my preference was rock and roll.... Various forms....   I hated country music!!  About three or four years ago, I volunteered to work at a food stand for an organization during the local popular Fiddler's Convention.  You just don't know how  much I knew I would hate it!!  Little did I realize, I had grown 'outside the box' when it comes to music.  Or was it because it was live?  I dunno....  Here's the killer part.... I fell in love with banjos and fiddles!!  The fiddle was the instrument of choice for my great-grandfather, but NO ONE has ever played the banjo!!  I love it!!  It is such a happy sound!  Who doesn't smile, just a little when you hear 'Dueling Banjos' or 'Rocky Top'??  That's my favorite instrument at this moment....

     Now, what's yours?? 

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Human Pig Troughs

        What is it about buffets that make you want to eat?  I swear, it's like a human pig trough with plates!!  We went to a Chinese Buffett resturant last night.  They had 3 rows of food, plus, a free standing ice cream machine. 

          There was rice (several types),  lo mein, thinner lo mein, potatoes of every style, seafood such as shrimp, (both fresh and fried), salad bar, chicken made every way you can think of (including chicken on a stick), cheesy mussles (yum!), salad bar, pizza (can you believe that?), and of course, dessert! 

             I'm still full...   Just call me bloated!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Reflecting on the road taken

 Question of the day:

     If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be AND
would you?

     The question reminds me of Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken."  So many times I wonder what life would have been like if I had not gone down the other road.  Would I have been better off financially or emotionally?  Would I have more friends or better friendships than the ones I have now?  Would I have ever met the people I call friends? 

     It sounds as if I am dissatisfied with my life.  I'm not.  There are a couple of things I wish I could change about it.  Fortunately, I am extremely happy with my choices.  One of my professors once said, "The decisions you make between the ages of 15 and 25 will be with you for the rest of your life."  It is so true.  Not that I am happy with some of those decisions, but I feel I have turned the consequences into a better life for myself. 

     For all of you who are a part of my life, and to those who have passed from this world, I thank you.  I love you dearly.  You mean so much to me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

To much, to little....

 At what point is it to much?  You are asking, 'it' what?  Well.... anything...... 
     To much silence...
     To much noise....
     To many phone calls....
     To few phone calls...
     To many friends...
     To few friends...
     To much work...
     To little work...

I think you get the point....  Have you ever been to the point where to much or to little is annoying?? 


Saturday, September 17, 2005


      Fall doesn't officially begin until next week, but yesterday I could see signs of it sneaking in.  Some of the trees are beginning to change... not much, but just enough that it is there.  If you are going about your daily life you may not notice as much.  In the next month, we will be able to see leaves of red, gold, brown and orange all over!  It is one of my favorite things in fall....
     The county fairs and fall festivals are in full swing, too.  Hartselle has decorated their downtown area with corn stalks and fall foliage.  One of the biggest in this area is in a small town of about 200, but will draw about a 1000 people before the day ends.  There will be a parade with people on horseback and on the backs of trucks! 
     I love fall!!  I can't wait to enjoy it all!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bands, music and fried bread!

Last night my Mom, sister and I went to the high school where I teach for the 'Night of Bands'.  What a show!!  All the county high school bands come together and each band plays 2-5 songs.  It begins with the smallest band (36 band members, plus color guard), to the largest in the county (225+ band members, plus color guard) and it ended with a university band.  What an experience!! 

The music was mostly from the 60's and 70's (Radar Love, Desperado, Vehicle, School's Out, American Woman, Georgia on My Mind.....).  Those kids performed!  They played, they moved, they played their hearts out!!   I think when we go to the ball games and the band plays for about 10 minutes, we take it for granted.  Even though we enjoy the performance, I don't think we realize how much work and practice these kids put into these shows. 

And of course, the food.  There is always food at these things!!  As I sat there eating my funnel cake, it occurred to me there is nothing like sitting in the middle of a bunch of people that are talking, watching their kid playing AND THEN, to be able to eat fried bread with powdered sugar on top!!  Now, THAT is a real treat!!! 

P.S.: If you get an opportunity to hear your local kids perform, GO!!  It's worth the show!  And then, let them know how much you enjoyed it!  They are never told enough!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Dear, Wonderful Friend!!

 Have you ever gone for days without speaking to one of your favorite people?  I just have. 

Thursday: first class for the semester and it started at 5:00 that evening... drove my 36 miles over... I did speak to that person on the phone for about 10 minutes... YIPPEE!! 

Friday:  No friend waiting online that morning.  Sent e-mail.  I went to work, got home around 4:00.  No friend waiting, but did have e-mail.... Responded to that.  Waited, waited, waited.... have to go.... Went to football game in another county.  Got home.  E-mail, no friend.  Waited... no show..... went to bed.....

Saturday morning:  Slept until around 8:00.  E-mail waiting, but no friend.... responded to e-mail.  Showered, dressed, went into work, went to give blood, shopped,

Saturday afternoon: came home, had e-mails... responded to those.  Waited, no friend.  Phone rings, it is one of my lonely kids in the class... "What cha doing?".....  Took nap, woke late....

Saturday night:  had response to e-mails., but still no friend.... 

Sunday morning:  woke early!!  signed on, response to my e-mail, but no friend....  Sent e-mail, you will see me online, wait for me!!  I will be around and will respond as soon as I see you!!  I walked down to mailbox, got Sunday paper, read it, read ads, checked, still no friend.... I was so sleepy!!  I laid down and woke later and guess what??  There was my friend!!  HOw exciting!  How wonderful!!  We both spoke of how enduring it was to have the e-mails, but there is NOTHING like the real thing, the real person, the banter back and forth!! 

It is to my dear, wonderful friend who lives thousands of miles away, I say 'Thank you!'..... Thank you for being a part of my life, even with this distance!! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


  I drove in from work, got out of the car, walked in and something moved!!  It was on the floor and it began to move, jumping!  I turned on the light and it was a frog.  Now, how did a frog get into my house?  A frog? 
     Finally, I caught him and put him outside. 

         Thank goodness it wasn't a snake!!

Monday, August 1, 2005

School, Offical and Unoffical....

This is August 1st.  School begins in 10 days.  Where did the summer go??  It seems that it was yesterday that I thought, wow, 10 weeks!!  Now, it's YIKES, 10 days! 

When I began elementary school, we started Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.  We had cool mornings, warm days, and you could almost smell the leaves begin their process of changing hues.  It marked a change, both in our daily activities and the time of the year.  They went together, hand-in-hand,  as if they were a young couple in love. 

I think, for me, that school will not officially begin until that day after Labor Day.  Oh yes, in ten days I will teach and the kids will moan at their assignments and parents with cheer with exhaustion.....  But, on Tuesday after Labor Day?  In my heart, that will be the first day of school! 

Friday, July 29, 2005

Mail.... Snail, thank you!

I made the usual trip to the mailbox few minutes ago.  Opening the box in anticipation I always try to guess what it will be.  I always put the mail in catagories: Good mail, junk mail, and bills.  I'm sure you may do the same thing.  Each day, I play a game in my head.  What will it be today?  Today was a GOOD MAIL day!  I got 2 pieces of mail.  That's all!  No junk mail, no bills!!  One was pay-stub (YIIPPPEEEE!  I can pay the bills!!) and the next one was the best piece of mail!  It must have a different catagory.  I think I will call it 'Supreme' Mail. 

You are now asking yourself, what exactly makes this mail supreme?  I'll tell you!  It is from a pen-pal.  A friend that lives thousands of miles away from me.  This person cares enough to write about life, feelings, needs and then put it in an envelope and then, a few days later, I get it!

Today, I read my pen-pal's letter while outside.  I couldn't wait! I read it once, by the street.  Another time, about half-way up the drive, and the last time, leaning against the car.  I became so relaxed from the writings of my friend, I began to notice the musical sounds of nature all around me... the crickets, the birds.  It gives a new meaning to the words 'snail mail.'  Slow, yes... but well worth the wait! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Purple Bloom

I went to bed while chatting on the phone with one of my very favorite people in the whole world!  What a wonderful way to end the day! 

And then I woke up this morning... got up, and then, the electricity went out.   For an hour. 

I walked outside and the humidity slapped me in the face.  Hard.  And then, I saw it.  The most perfect, beautiful bloom of the whole year.  And that was made me smile.... 

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Procrastination:  to put things off until you can't put them off any longer. 

I am a procrastinator.  I hate it.  Why after all these past weeks have I neglected to do something so simple, yet, here it is due this afternoon and I just now finished with only a matter of hours to spare??  I bet if I didn't have to drive 35 miles to turn it in, I would have waited even longer!   

I tell myself it is because I work best under pressure.  Is that true?  Does anyone know the real reason?  Please, don't give me answers such as lazy.  Bored with the assignment?  Yes, probably....   OK.. Tell me what happens to you?  Do you just get right in there and do an assignment?  OR are you a procrastinator as well??

Monday, July 25, 2005


Box with the voice of a twelve year old girl:  Can I take your order?

Me: I want a #1 an.....

Box: Cheese on that?

Me: No, only mustard and onion an.....

Box: Cheese??

Me: NO.  An...

Box: What to drink?

Me: Cherry Limeade an....

Box: #1 with mustard and onion with a cherry limeade... anything else?

Me:  No fries, tator tots. 

Box: Oh.  Is that all?

Me:  yes.

Box: That's $4.53.  Pull up.

Waiting, waiting, waiting my turn...... and girl comes out with a bag.

Girl:  Santa Fe Chicken Salad?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Humity, hair and Mobile

Last Monday I drove to Mobile for a conference.  Mobile is located only a mere 339 miles from my house.  Yes, count them.  I did, twice.

Mobile absorbs the most common north/south highway in this part of the country, Hwy. 65.  I'm not really sure where it begins, but it is around Chicago somewhere.  Alabama is home to about 352 miles of this highway. 

The south side of Mobile is set on Mobile Bay.  Not really the gulf as many people think.  It has been there for many years and has buildings that have survived hurricanes, tropical storms and humidity for a couple hundred years. 

Note referring to the survival of humidity:  Yes, Mobile has survived.  My hair did not.  I started off the week thinking it would be better than I ever imagined.  I finished the week by looking as if I had stuck my finger in an electrical socket!  NO KIDDING! 

Let's talk hair for a few minutes.  Mine.  It has grown down just past my shoulders.  Now, close your eyes and imagine it going everywhere it wants to go!  This is where people with limp, straight hair have an advantage.  Mine isn't limp, or straight.  It has curl and body and does whatever it wants to do!  I will admit this: While I was there, I had thoughts of finding a barber and having my head shaved.  No, really......   But, I didn't and now, I'm glad.  This is an issue men don't usually go through and now we know why.  They use barbers! 

John Hockenberry

Reading the Sunday newspaper has always been one of my favorite things to read.  Inside the paper you will always find lots of ads, various local inserts, the comics and one of my favorites, the Parade.  It's a magazine that includes more ads, but usually the cover story is one of interest.  This week, the cover story is about John Hockenberry. 

Mr. Hockenberry has been on my list of favorite people for many years.  I've seen him on television, heard him on the radio and read a book or two by him.  He is someone for which I have great admiration.  Why?  He has pulled himself out of a rather tragic circumstance that occurred as a teenager, only to make great strides  in a career and family life (probably not in that order..).  You see, Mr. Hockenberry is a paraplegic. Yet, he has traveled overseas to countries that were in the midst of turmoil and reported stories without or very little harm to himself.  This isn't why I admire him so.  It is due to taking a tragic circumstance, and not wallowing in self-pity.  Oh, I'm sure he had plenty of self-pity!  But, he didn't allow himself to become mired in it for the rest of his life. 

I have often wondered if I were in the same situation what type of person I would become. I don't think I can answer that until I have rolled in another person's trail!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Finally, a bloom!!  The first sunflower of the year!  I love sunflowers.  The yellow of the petals with the core that stands out!  A bit of sunshine in my own yard. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Week

Hi all!  It's Tuesday night and I'm already looking forward to the weekend.  Two days, two meetings where one was at least 3 hours and the other about 5 all together.  I'm not used to sitting for these long periods of time....   My kids in class are beginning to get tired of having their schedule disrupted.  Oh well....

I had to do something last week that I hate doing.  It's one of the reasons I've stopped dating in the past.  I had been seeing someone since late November and he is a nice guy.  I have been trying to feel something in the relationship, but it just wasn't there like it should be.  One night about 2 weeks ago we were talking on the phone and he began talking about getting married or living together. I was stunned and surprised.  Later, like the next day or so when I really started to think about it, I had a panic attack.  Last week, we saw each other and the subject that I am a loner came up.  I told him I had been this way for a very long time and I wasn't sure I would ever be comfortable living with someone or even they with me.  I have not talked to him since that day.  We have IM'd once and he told me he was 'in a mood.' I phoned the next day and he wasn't home, so I sent an e-mail to say I hope is past his mood.  He has read it, but did not respond.   It bothers me a little to think he won't fight for our relationship or even try to keep the lines of communication going.  I guess that answers that question.......

Have a good rest of the week....  More later...


Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Weekend

Let me introduce myself!  I'm a single, white 46 year old woman who lives in northern Alabama.  I like to read, watch movies, football games (although, I won't say I totally understand all the calls, etc.).  I enjoy New Orleans and hope to go back soon.  I love to watch the people there while I'm drinking coffee and eating binets at Cafe DeMonde.

I work with disadvantaged kids.  I love each and everyone of them.  They are very special and somewhat needy.  I enjoy my work with them.