Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yes Virginia, there is still life in Bama...

It's been cold here in Alabama these past couple of weeks. Thursday, I woke to 13 degrees. Last night on the way home, it began to sleet. When I was leaving to come home, I could see it pinging on the pavement and when I got home, ice had begun to form on my outside mirrors.

This past Monday night, I got a phone call from my dad. Apparently, he fell asleep while driving home from his girlfriend's house on Sunday night. Seems that he crashed into a pole, but he was not hurt. I saw the truck today.... yep, he crashed it... Dad, me and a friend of mine all went to eat whatever the meal is called between lunch time and supper. (Is there a word for it like there is for Brunch?)  Dad and friend had chat about driving. Dad said he wasn't going to stop driving at night. Any suggestions on how to handle this one? I mean, I don't really care about crashing cars or trucks, but I do worry about him and other people getting hurt. I would hate to have to go all "TaWanda" on him (Fried Green Tomatoes). I made a couple of suggestions to him, but he seemed rather uninterested in hearing them. The suggestions were just short of taking his keys. I am afraid that might be next.

I'm afraid I have gotten back logged on reading everyone's journals because of issues such as this and a couple of other things. There are just times, when I become overloaded......

Other than issues like that, everything is going rather smoothly. School is bopping right along with no wild incidents.... yet (you know this stuff can change at a moments notice). It won't be long before it will be time to have our yearly meetings (IEP's) with parents. I'll be busy with those. Maybe they will help keep me out of trouble.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life's Mysteries

First, it was the green beans.... then, about a week later, the crackers and just last weekend, it was bananas.

For Christmas dinner, one of the foods I had planned on serving was green beans. I looked all over for them. Couldn't find them anywhere! I decided to just skip the green beans....

Then, the missing crackers. I knew I had them because I had eaten some of them, but I couldn't find the box anywhere....

Last week, I spent some time at my Dad's house. He and I went out to eat and then, over to Sam's. I bought bananas and when I came home, I split them with him. The day after I got home, I couldn't find them.....

I have to tell you, I was beginning to worry about myself... I just couldn't imagine how so much food could just disappear without being eaten!

I found the bananas first. I had put them in a bag of photo albums I brought home with me from Daddy's house. What a relief! Then, I found the crackers. The box was turned the wrong way and I didn't even notice among all the other boxed foods.

I've not yet found the green beans...... I have convinced myself I never bought them!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dreams: The Arms of Love

It is interesting how our dreams can influence us mentally. Upon awakening, they can leave you in a sense of contentment, panic, happiness or sometimes, nothing different. This morning's dream had a therapeutic affect upon me. I dreamed about my Mom and it was one that I have needed for some time now. 

Without going into details, I did find one thing very interesting. In my dream, Mother was there with me being aware she had passed. We talked about many things that have lain heavy on my heart.  While we chatted, my Dad walked and had a conversation with me. As aware as I was of Mother's presence, Dad obviously had none. After he left, Mother turned to me and said something I've heard her say hundreds of times, "Well, that's your Daddy!"   

Also, just a note to cousin Gary: Thanks for your e-mail! I think it helped prepare me by laying a foundation of positive feelings and better acceptance. Carson would have been proud!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I have seen a number of New Year Resolutions. I have not made any.... Yet. Maybe, I won't. The only ones I can think of are:

Procrastination: I need to manage mine better. I'll think about it tomorrow.


Conditioner: I need to use it on my hair every single day. I forgot this morning. Maybe tomorrow.    


Yoga: Start doing it.      Maybe, tomorrow....


OH WAIT! I can't tomorrow!! I have to go back to school!!!

(well, maybe the conditioner if I remember!)

Just a note: for all you people that think Alabama is in the south, so it must be warm all year, it's supposed to get down to 14 here tonight. BBBbbbbbrrrrrrrr....... I'll be pulling my flannel lined jeans out to wear tomorrow....