Thursday, August 23, 2007

It figures...

I should have known today was gonna go downhill when I posted the previous entry.It started the down spiral at 8:00 and ended when the door closed on the last kid there. What caused it?  School pictures! No kiddin'.They wanted our class down there ASAP. Their breakfast was delayed, their routine screwed up. Sometimes, you can yank it all back into a 'normal' day after lunch (which occurs at 10:30 am....  ), but that didn't happen either.

FYI, today is the anniversary of the first picture of the Earth taken by the Lunar Orbiter 1in 1966. As I reminded one online journaler friend, I was just a mere child in that year  .  However, growing up in the "Rocket City" these types of rememberances hit home. If I've never mentioned it, the Space&Rocket Center is a awe-inspiring trip. I drive by it when I go to my Dad's house. There is always a thrill of  seeing the Saturn 5 standing there as I pass by. Just a note here, I did get to see Miss Baker - , one of the first astronauts for the US. She passed away in 1984 and is buried there at the Space & Rocket Center. If you're ever this way, make sure you stop by there take the tour! Let me know if you're in the area!  

Have a great Friday!!

Just an observation...

When we were in elementary school, we all learned that 60 seconds makes a minute and 60 minutes makes an hour.

So why does 60 minutes in the morning seem like 10 or 15 minutes??  

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Convertibles, phones and other issues!

We had a cold front come through. Theweatherchannel site says it is 96. That's about 9 or so degrees cooler than the hottest day we have had in the past two weeks. Plus, we just had a summer shower. Summer showers are the best!

I bought a new toy this week. I call it my new convertible, but it is actually, a riding lawn mower. Sure beats push mowing, especially in the heat and with my issues that I still am enduring. It took me all of about 45 minutes to mow and I cut more than just my yard. It's just perfect!! Now, all I need is a 4-wheeler!!

My friend, Bo, came out to visit me today. He also brought me a gift. He said when he saw the phone, he didn't hesitate. He knew I would love it!! He also said the guy standing next to him said it looked like someone was talking into a cat's ass.  However, I have never seen a blue cat or their ass. The phone even lights up when it rings!!

Bo asked me if I would really use it. Of course, I said with conviction. And I will. Isn't it just pretty?  It looks like something one of the Disney princesses would use, doesn't it?  I didn't realize he thought of me as being this foo-foo....

Today's calendar events include, National Aviation Day, Bill Clinton's birthday (he's 61, if you were wondering), Orville Wright (he's 136, if you were wondering) and of course, Potato Day.  I have not yet decided how to celebrate Potato Day. However, I did see a fireworks stand a little earlier today.  Hhhmmmm..... I think this requires a little pondering... 

Perhaps, the video is all that is needed!



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No, I don't want cheese with that whine....

OK, I've thought about it today.

I was busy whinning this morning about the heat and dang, it was hot. But this afternoon, I was walking to the car thinking how wonderful it was going to be to get in the car, turn the A/C on and head home to my house that has an A/C, as well as ceiling fans. I walked into the house and it hit me. Here I am whinning about the heat and there are the soldiers in Iraq are carrying around 100 pds+ of equipment in heat worse than I experience.

And of course, there are the everyday cops. In fact, I read a cop's journal. He carries about 30+ pounds of equipment, as well as being in dark clothes. He lives in Arizona where temps hit 117 as early as April or May. I think there is about 5 minutes of temps below 80 degrees in the year. Yes, I'm sure I exaggerate. But not by much.

I will not whine about the heat any longer.... those guys really have it a lot worse than I do....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heat stroke, anyone?

The temp today is supposed to be 105. Who knows what the heat index will be. There have already been more than a few heat issues. And just how, exactly, does one dress for 105?  Not very well, let me assure you!!

(said in the most southern belle voice....)  As God is my witness, I will not bitch about winter ever again!!

This was not the calendar I voted for!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Left, Left, Left Right, Left!

A lot of my free time during the school season is spent online looking for items of interest for my classroom. We have curriculum standards to follow, but no curriculum... meaning, you might ask? It means I have to come up with it myself. This afternoon, I was looking at a calendar on an educational web site and found that tomorrow (August 13) is International Lefthanders Day.

You might ask why my interest? I am one of a small percentage of people. I am a lefty, a southpaw. I am one of the lucky ones. My mom didn't 'force' me to try to use my right hand. I have heard and read of horror stories about parents or teachers forcing their left-hander to use their right hand. Many lefties have to use tools made for right-handed people. I am also lucky because I am ambidextrous, you might say. A lot of tools, a hand-operated can opener, for instance, is made for a right handed person. However, I can use this tool without cutting off fingers,needing stitches, or wearing much of the canned contents. Of course, I try to avoid canned items as often as possible! Unfortunately, many left-handed people are not as fortunate.  Other problems for lefties, are school desks.  Just try taking notes in a desk made for right-hand people.

For a list of well-known lefties, Famous Left-Handers is here for your use.

And, even though many of us here in J-land 'know' each other, we don't really know each other. How many of you are lefties??  Leave a comment either way!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And Then, They Were There!

First day was not bad. I have had worse first days. After they left, I sat down with a few of my aides and I took 2 Aleve for my back aches. I took 2 extra pair of shoes and only changed once. I think that is a positive sign.

Now, for the second round! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1 DAY DOWN, 184 TO GO!! 

Working days before summer break, that is.....

Today was the first day back for teachers today. We always have 'Teacher Institute' day to welcome the teachers to the new school year. You might call it a 'kick-off'.... today's event was one of the best ones I've attended with a guest speaker from one of the local universities. His speech was filled with humorous stories that lead to points of how teachers can better serve their students. It was worth the sit.

The kids come on Monday. All 24 of them.  It's always fun the first day, yet exhausting. The kids can change so much in just nine or ten weeks. I love seeing a new level of maturity that first morning! I am lucky that I get the same kids each year until they graduate. We've already established our relationships, with the exception of the new kids coming in and only 2 of those this year!!  It's the first year since I've been teaching we are receiving fewer kids than we graduated the  year before.

As for me, I have survived day one. I am currently lying on the sofa with an iced gel pack on my surgical site after digesting two Aleve. I see more in my future.....  <grin>