Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aaaawww.... Now I Remeber...

I have always been a rather 'private' type of person. It isn't that I don't enjoy people, because I really do! I started writing my blog on AOL and when they sent these over to Blogger, I continued. But I wrote less and less.. I slowed down. It was a little more exposed, a little more open to the public. And while that is fine in one sense of the word, it isn't in many others.

I had what I felt this past week a violation of my privacy on Facebook, at least for me, it was slap in the face. I have my settings set at the most private I can for my friends. I guess what did not 'click' was others can see postings on my friends. Without going into details, someone felt I was spending my time unwisely when, in fact, I was explaining a situation. It wasn't at school I wrote this. It wasn't even early in the afternoon. It was done around 5:30ish in the evening. It wasn't about anything "immoral" or vulgar... Why have people gotten to be so critical of others when they feel they have not gotten their way?

Just a note: If you are the person that sent me the note about my Facebook post, answer this not. I care nothing of your opinion. You know not of what you speak.


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Anonymous said...

Yet another reason Mary does not do FB. But glad you are still here.